SNMMI-TS Committees


In addition to traditional committees such as Finance, Nominating, Membership, and Advocacy, the SNMMI Technologist Section also hosts a number of substantive committees addressing specific issues associated with nuclear medicine technology. The President appoints all committee chairs and members, and all serve for specified periods of time. Use the links below to review committee listings and descriptions of activities.


Advocacy Committee (SNMMI-TS)
         Scope of Practice Task Force (SNMMI-TS)
         State TAG (Technologist Advocacy Group)
Awards Committee (SNMMI-TS)

Bylaws Committee (SNMMI-TS)
Continuing Education Committee (SNMMI-TS)
Educator's Committee (SNMMI-TS)

Finance Committee (SNMMI-TS)
International Committee (SNMMI-TS)
Membership Committee (SNMMI-TS)

Nominating Committee (SNMMI-TS)
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week Task Force (SNMMI-TS)
Professional Development Committee (SNMMI-TS)
Program Committee (SNMMI-TS)
Professional Development and Education Fund (PDEF)
Publications Committee (SNMMI-TS)