Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week Task Force (SNMMI-TS)

Committee Charges

Goal B: Enhance Marketing

  • Develop educational materials that outline the benefits of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.
    • Create a task force focused on Nuclear Medicine Week.
    • Enhance the promotion and visibility of Nuclear Medicine Week.

Goal G: Improve Resource Management

  • Increase development of revenue-producing programs.
    • Have NCOR delegates provide input from chapters as to what the chapters would like to see offered.
    • Send more frequent emails about SNMMI-TS items for sale, and include the less expensive items such as the pin or coffee cup to take advantage of impulse purchases.

Other Charges (not specifically outlined in strategic plan)

  • Develop Nuclear Medicine Week theme
  • Work with SNMMI Marketing Staff to determine what product should be offered during NMW.
  • Create daily “other items” to coincide with NMW (for example, free webinar on cardiology, free podcast, discount on book items, etc.)

Committee Reports

June 2013

January 2013

September 2012

Committee Minutes


Committee Report AM2011 - Nuclear Medicine Week Task Force

Committee Report MWM2011 - Nuclear Medicine Week Task Force

Committee Members

Joyce K. Zimmerman, CNMT, MBA, FSNMMI-TS Chairperson
Kristina M. Biederstedt, BS, CNMT Committee Member
Rebecca L. Gallagher, C.N.M.T. Committee Member
Barbara J. Grabher, BS, CNMT, RT(N) Committee Member
Heather D. Poulin, MS, CNMT, RTNM Committee Member
Cheryl L. Rickley, CNMT Committee Member
Kiran K. Solingapuram Sai, PhD Committee Member
Karen M. Tripoli, CNMT,RT,(R) (N) Committee Member
Grace A. Tursi, BS, RT(N)(CT), CNMT Committee Member