Advocacy Committee (SNMMI-TS)

Committee Charges for 2021-22:

  • Enhance awareness of advocacy and optimize grassroots activity.
  • Support all TAGs in their effort to monitor any changes in their state’s legislative process that affect Nuclear Medicine.
  • Encourage TAGs to present CE lectures at all chapters to increase awareness and understanding of the important role that advocacy plays in everyday practice.
  • Include all TAGs in bi-monthly conference calls/online meetings to review activity, provide overall opportunity to hear from other TAGs, and educate TAGs on licensure processes.
  • Create short educational webinars for TAG members and other nuclear medicine stakeholders to increase knowledge of how the lobbying process works in each state.
  • Support SOP committee with their goals and objectives.
  • Include all SOP members in bi-monthly conference calls to establish a forum for the completion of goals and objectives.
  • Educate regulators and legislators by:
    • Working closely with HPRA to assure that regulations and/or legislation does not inhibit the practice of nuclear medicine. These include but are not limited to:
      • CMS
      • FDA
      • DOE
      • NRC
      • DHS

Additional Goals for 2021-22:

  • Monitor the State TAG program
  • Partner with CRCPD and OAS to educate regulators in nuclear medicine and to assure that state legislation and regulations do not encroach on the CNMT’s SOP.
  • Create a task force to work with CRCPD and OAS liaisons to develop a white paper position statement on our MPA.
  • Work closely with the Educators Committee to be sure our SOP is in line with our core curriculum.