Advocacy Committee (SNMMI-TS)

Committee Charges:

Goal B: Enhance Marketing

  • Increase visibility at chapter and local organization meetings.
    • Increase visibility to all nuclear medicine technologists through sources other than meetings. Add a visible area on chapter and local organization web sites or email benefits to all certified NMTs.

 Goal F: Optimize Advocacy

  • Reorganize SNMMI-TS culture to be the repository of legislative and advocacy information on nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.
    • Improve communication to and the understanding of SNMMI-TS members on advocacy issues at the state and national levels.
    • Communicate what SNMMI-TS does for its members regarding advocacy issues at the state and national levels. Communicate victories on the technologist Web site.
    • Get more SNMMI-TS members involved in advocacy initiatives by improving communication at the grassroots level and creating a regularly updated advocacy section on the Web site.
    • Provide resources to assist NMT state societies with researching and obtaining state licensure to practice nuclear medicine and CT.
    • Compile a listing of state regulations and contact persons.
    • Include a direct link to SNMMI-TS Web site on other organization’s Web sites. (Allow reciprocal effort.)
    • Provide a periodic “summit” meeting at which SNMMI-TS leadership and state officials can discuss relevant issues.
    • Set up crediting sharing with state licensing agencies.

Progress of Charge/Objectives/Goals to Date:

  • Advocacy members gave successful presentations at Chapter meetings including:  Greater New York, New England, Mid-Eastern, Central Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Eastern Great Lakes.  Missouri Valley, Pacific Southwest and Southeastern Chapters will be completed before the end of the fiscal year.
  • The Advocacy Outreach Subcommittee has developed several new educational tools including a Fast Facts Corner, a "Can I Do That?" flowchart and is working on whiteboard vignettes on key issues.
  • Bills seeking licensure or amending current state requirement were introduced in many states. Advocacy has been working diligently with the TAGS and ASRT to assure these bills honor the CNMT scope of practice. States with legislation included:  Alaska, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.  Several bills also attempted to abolish or transfer regulatory authority for licensure boards as in Illinois (abolished), Idaho, New Hampshire and West Virginia.  Regulations were of concern in New Mexico and North Carolina.  Challenges to the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals occurred in Missouri and Massachusetts.
  • The TAG Team was created to replace the SHPL program.  Currently 50 states, and Puerto Rico, have TAG representatives.  These members will monitor state legislation, answer any NMT questions for their state, and handle any other tasks that may be necessary.
  • The Committee worked with The Joint Committee regarding the proposed changes to diagnostic imaging services
  • SNMMI continues to work with The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD), and uses their recently approved Part Z as potential draft legislation.
  • The TS Scope of Practice Committee added language to the current Scope of Practice to include the authority to perform PET/MR with training and education in MR.

Committee Reports

Committee Minutes

Committee Members

Anthony J. Sicignano, BS,CNMT,RT(N),FSNMMI Chairperson
Mark H. Crosthwaite, CNMT, FSNMMI-TS Ex-Officio Member
Dmitry D. Beyder, MPA, CNMT Committee Member
Cindi Luckett-Gilbert, MHA,CNMT,RSO,FSNMMIT Committee Member
April Mann, MBA,CNMT,NCT,RT(N) Committee Member
Mark Allen Marshall, CNMT Committee Member
Nancy McDonald, MHA, CNMT, CRA Committee Member
Matthew C. McMahon, MS CNMT RT(CT) Committee Member
Thomas M. Morneau, CNMT RT(N) Committee Member
Cybil J. Nielsen, MBA, CNMT, FSNMMI-TS Committee Member
Michele A. Panichi-Egberts, CNMT,RT(N),FSNMMI-TS Committee Member
Tricia L. Peters, BS, CNMT, RT(CT) Committee Member
Cheryl L. Rickley, CNMT Committee Member
Melissa Rose, CNMT, RT(N) Committee Member
Lynne T. Roy, MBA, CNMT, FSNMMI-TS Committee Member
Richard T. Serino, CNMT, MEd Committee Member
Shannon Nixon Youngblood, Ed.D., MSRS, CNMT Committee Member