SNMMI Fellowship Program

Applications will open in October 2024

The purpose of the SNMMI Fellowship Program is to recognize members of SNMMI for their service to the Society and for their outstanding contributions to the field of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. SNMMI Fellowship is one of the most prestigious formal recognition available to long-time SNMMI members and symbolizes distinguished service to SNMMI, as well as exceptional achievement in the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

Fellowship is bestowed upon only a small percentage of SNMMI members, and the Society aims to preserve the honor associated with being recognized as an SNMMI Fellow. 


SNMMI Fellow Brochure

List of SNMMI Fellows 


Questions about the Application Process? Contact SNMMI Grants & Awards.


SNMMI Fellow Eligibility Criteria

  1. Nomination by an SNMMI Fellow (who is not currently serving on the SNMMI Fellows Committee)
    • An SNMMI Fellow can only support one applicant each year
  2. At least 10 uninterrupted years as Full Member of the Society or at least 20 years as an Associate Member
    • Membership eligibility begins the first year in which the member joins the Society as a Full (vs. In-training) or Associate member.
    • Time spent serving in active duty in the U.S. military or the U.S. Public Health Service may be exempted from the 10-year consecutive Full-Member (or the 20-year consecutive Associate Member) requirement.
    • Time spent as an in-training member is not counted toward the 10-year consecutive Full-Member or the 20-year consecutive Associate Member requirement.
    • The 10 consecutive years as a Full Member or 20 years as the Associate Member does not have to be the years immediately preceding nomination.
    • For nominees with discontinuous membership, the application will be reviewed based on aggregate years of membership.
    • Deceased members will not be considered as nominees as SNMMI Fellows. However, should a member die after his/her nomination has been submitted and that candidate is selected, he/she will be granted Fellowship posthumously.
  3. Significant contributions in volunteer service to SNMMI AND/OR contributions to SNMMI through affiliated International Organizations. (Required):
    • This should reflect significant contributions to the Nuclear Medicine community. Examples include:
      • Outstanding leadership, documented through the specific results achieved, of the Society, Council, Center, Committee, or Chapter.
      • Exceptional performance as editor-in-chief, associate editor or equivalent position for the Journal of Nuclear Medicine or a comparable journal in a related field (not including authorship or reviewing manuscripts)
      • Organization of major programing such as symposia at regional, national or international meetings.
      • Significant contributions to public outreach activities, e.g., advocacy of SNMMI issues with government agencies including Congress, FDA, DOE, NRC, etc., communication of SNMMI issues to other professional groups or the public.
      • Significant contributions to SNMMI international outreach activities; Nuclear Medicine Global Initiative (NMGI); Sino-American Conference, Exchange Programs, etc.
  4. Significant contributions to the SNMMI OR contributions to SNMMI through affiliated International Organization in one or more of the following:
    • Distinction in Scholarly activity in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging
      • This should reflect significant scientific contributions to the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging in areas including, but not restricted to, radiopharmacy, radiochemistry, nuclear chemistry, nuclear/medical physics, instrumentation, and/or basic translational and clinical science research. Evidence of such contributions include publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, patents, and awards for research.
    • Significant educational contributions in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging
      • This should reflect significant contributions in training and education involving nuclear medicine practice, and/or the intellectual development of the next generation of nuclear medicine researchers.
        • Superior achievement in training the next generation of nuclear medicine physicians and/or scientists.
        • Superior achievement in teaching nuclear medicine related topics to undergraduate students, graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows.
        • The development of innovative teaching materials related to nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.
        • Service on boards or bodies that set standards for training or that certify trainees in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.
    • Excellence in clinical practice of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging
      • This should reflect significant contributions to clinical aspects of nuclear medicine that have provided a long-term benefit to the field and/or to the nominee’s medical community. Appropriate activities include, but are not limited to, the following:
        • Leadership in the development of materials to guide and improve the clinical practice of nuclear medicine, e.g., appropriate use criteria, procedure guidelines, quality improvement measures, and evidence development.
        • Leadership in a clinical setting, e.g., chair of a hospital committee, leadership as a healthcare executive.
        • Implementation of new imaging methods or radionuclide therapies that provide significant improvements over existing methods.


Please note: SNMMI Presidents will automatically receive Fellow status at the completion of their term as President. No application is required.