Phantom Analysis Toolkit (PAT)

Meet PAT – SNMMI’s PET/CT Phantom Analysis Toolkit

Accreditation programs (e.g., Joint Commission, ACR) are increasingly requiring phantom-based PET/CT scanner measurements to provide evidence of quantitative accuracy and qualitative clinical image quality. To help SNMMI membership meet these requirements, SNMMI is providing a cloud-based automated Phantom Analysis Toolkit (PAT).

PAT Supported Phantoms

Understanding Your Reports

How it works

  1. Perform phantom studies according to provided phantom-fill and acquisition instructions.  Other fill and imaging protocols are also allowed.
  2. Navigate to the PAT website.
  3. "Name" the analysis using recommended naming convention.
  4. Choose the Phantom type from the drop-down menu
  5. Upload the Phantom DICOM images
  6. Enter the phantom fill data
  7. Initiate Analysis (Duration 1-5 minutes)
  8. Download results