Bylaws Committee (SNMMI-TS)


Committee Charges

  • Recommend to the SNMMI-TS National Council of Representatives (NCOR) any changes to the SNMMI-TS Bylaws as necessary.
  • Update SNMMI-TS Policy manual as needed
  • Work with SNMMI-TS Nominating Committee to ensure all policies are followed for the NCOR and National Elections.



Committee Members

Krystle W. Glasgow, CNMT,NMTCB(CT),NMAA Chairperson
Norman E. Bolus, MSPH,CNMT,FSNMMI-TS Committee Member
Crystal Botkin, PhD, MPH, CNMT, PET, FSNMMI-TS Committee Member
Eileen M. Craveiro, CNMT Committee Member
Edwin J. Keeler Committee Member
Martha V. Mar, CNMT, NCT,PET, R(CT) Committee Member
Michele A. Panichi-Egberts, CNMT,RT(N),FSNMMI-TS Committee Member