The WINM committee is charged with promoting women physicians and scientists in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging; fostering the development of professional interests; addressing problems encountered in the practice of nuclear medicine; promoting leadership and career development in women; raising awareness of scientific contributions of women in nuclear medicine: recognizing the challenges of balancing career and family; promoting fair and equitable treatment, and improving the climate for women in nuclear medicine in all stages of their careers.

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If you are interested in serving on the Women in Nuclear Medicine Committee, please contact Ana Hilton, Leadership Manager, Special Interest Groups at   

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The WIN committee was created to promote nuclear medicine and molecular imaging for SNMMI women physicians and scientists. We also hope to  foster the development of professional interests, address problems encountered in the practice of nuclear medicine, promote leadership and career development in women, raise awareness of scientific contributions of women in nuclear medicine, recognize the challenges of balancing career and family, promoting fair and equitable treatment, and improve the climate for women in nuclear medicine at all stages of their careers. We want to network and support each other. Many international women members have participated in our programming. We currently have a web based book club, as well as a Twitter account, where we try to publish the achievements of our members as well as interesting news about career development and opportunities. We have activities /programming at our meetings.  The Curie Fund was founded under the ERF (Education and Research Foundation) umbrella and is dedicated to raising funds to support the education and programming of women in nuclear medicine into leadership positions. 

We hope the formation of the WINM committee will  allow SNMMI women to have useful continuing education programs and networking opportunities to enhance both their professional and personal lives. Judging from the interest and enthusiasm shown by attendance at the WINM programs ,book clubs and social media so far , I predict we will grow and continue to support women as they continue to make significant and long-lasting contributions to the future of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.  

Leonie L. Gordon, MD, FACNM

Committee Chairperson 

Women in Nuclear Medicine Listserve

With increased interest and participation, the group will evolve further and have a much greater impact within our field.  The WINM listserve was created to share WINM newsletters, events and share news about women in nuclear medicine.  If you wish to subscribe to the WINM listserve, please contact Ana Hilton at

Curie Award for Women in Leadership

It is critical that women who aspire to leadership positions within their institutions or within the Society gain access to training and networking opportunities that will equip them for the voyage to do so. Several senior women members of the SNMMI have come forward to establish the Curie Women in Leadership Fund to ensure that access to such opportunities is there for the next generation. The Fellowship will fund registration and travel-related costs up to $5,000 for the recipient to attend an appropriate AAMC Leadership Series professional development seminar for early or mid-career women faculty with clear potential for advancement to a major administrative position and/or leadership within a professionally related society such as the SNMMI.  Once we identify a candidate we want to support, she must then apply to the AAMC through its website. There is a chance that the winner chosen by ERF may not be chosen by the AAMC to attend the seminar, in which case other similar opportunities will be sought out by ERF.  

Eligibility - Applicant must have been a member of SNMMI for at least one year prior to application.  Current or past membership on an SNMMI (or similar organization) Committee is favorable, but not required.

Contact information - For further information, ERF may please email of contact us at Phone: 402.507.5125 or  Direct: 402.507.5127.

Applications for this award are now closed and will open again in 2017. 

Women in Nuclear Medicine Announcements


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SNMMI 2018 Future Leaders Academy

The SNMMI Future Leaders Academy is the most recent addition to the SNMMI leadership development strategy. The SNMMI Future Leaders Academy training focuses on setting a clear plan for increasing leadership abilities by developing the necessary skills and organizational expertise to enhance performance and ultimately evolve into a leader both within the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging community and the society.

The academy will also help you to gain knowledge in fundamental leadership techniques from professionally recognized leadership groups and current SNMMI leaders.

Learn about the Future Leaders Academy HERE.

The Future Leaders Academy will be held January 25-28, 2018 in conjunction with the SNMMI Mid-Winter Meeting in Orlando, FLBy submitting an application you are affirming your availability on these dates and your willingness to attend the academy. If accepted, it is preferred that you make arrangements to stay for the entire Mid-Winter Meeting.

All applications must be received by September 1, 2017, 5:00 pm (ET)

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If you are interested in serving on the Women in Nuclear Medicine Committee, please contact Ana Hilton, Leadership Manager, Special Interest Groups at 

WINM Newsletter

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WINM Events

Women in Nuclear Medicine (WINM) Virtual Book Club

The next Virtual Book Club will take place in October.  Stay tuned for more details. 

Women in Medicine Month 

Each September, The American Medical Association celebrates Women in Medicine Month.  The SNMMI will be joining the AMA and celebrating women physicians.  Throughout the month of September, the SNMMI will be highlighting women pioneers in the field of nuclear medicine.  You can learn more about the AMA Women in Medicine Month HERE Check back next month for more news and events on Women in Medicine Month. 

Mentor/Mentee Matchup

If you are interested in being a mentor/mentee, please send an email to Ana Hilton. Please include your name, title, affiliation, and areas of interest. We will try to match up pairs based on professional interests where possible.

Spotlights, Promotions, Awards and Achievements

The WINM would like to feature women who have received awards in the past year, women who have been promoted, women who have achieved (new degrees, new businesses, publications, presentations, appointments to committees/task forces/study sections, etc.), as well as any new trainees you may have in your program.

If you would like to be featured, please send a photo (phone pictures are fine) and information for the caption including your name, title, hospital/organization name, and the achievement to This information will be shared on the WINM Instagram page and may be included in the newsletter.


If you are going up for promotion this academic year or next, we’d like to know! Women in Nuclear Medicine may be able to support your application in some way. Please contact Ana Hilton and let us know how we can help you.

Nuclear Medicine Jobs

The job market in nuclear medicine appears to be opening up. If you have an open positions in your organization, consider emailing the job description to Ana Hilton and we can post it on our website.