Grants, Awards, and Scholarships

These grants, supported by the Education and Research Foundation for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (ERF), SNMMI-TS's Professional Development and Education Fund (PDEF), American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) and Nihon Medi-Physics LLC, represent the society's commitment to advancing molecular imaging and therapy by supporting the next generation of researchers.

Please feel free to contact K. Malaika Walton, Associate Director of Governance, at Grants& or 703-652-6782 with any questions.



SNMMI Programs Supported by Closing Date 
2019 ERF SNMMI Travel Award for Physician, Scientists, and MD/PhD Students ERF January 9
2019 Masahiro Iio, MD Travel Award Henry Wagner Family and SNMMI January 9
2019 ERF SNMMI CMIIT Lab Professional Award ERF January 13
2019-2021 Wagner-Torizuka Fellowship Nihon Medi-Physics Co., LTD January 27
2019 Hyman-Ghesani SNMMI Global Health Scholarship ERF January 2019
2019 Bradley-Alavi Student Fellowships ERF February 1
2019 Robert E. Henkin, MD, Government Relations Fellowship ERF February 7
2019 Ursula Mary-Kocemba Slosky, PhD, Professional Relations Fellowship ERF February 15
SNMMI-TS Programs Sponsor Closing Date
2019 ERF SNMMI-TS Travel Award for Nuclear Medicine Technologists ERF January 9
2019 ERF SNMMI-TS Travel Award for Nuclear Medicine Technologist Students ERF February 9
2019 Paul Cole Student Technologist Scholarship ERF February 15
2019 ERF SNMMI-TS Outstanding Technologist/Educator ERF February 28
2019 Susan C. Weiss Clinical Advancement Scholarship ERF March 1

Please note that application deadlines listed are subject to change per the discretion of the SNMMI and SNMMI-TS Grants & Awards Committees.



SNMMI Programs Sponsor
2019-2021 ERF-SNMMI Molecular Imaging Research Grant for Junior Academic Faculty ERF
2019-2021 ERF-SNMMI Predoctoral Molecular Imaging Scholar Program ERF
SNMMI-TS Programs Sponsor
2019 SNMMI-TS Career Advancement Grant ARRT



SNMMI Programs Supported by Applicants Selected by
2019 Loevinger-Berman Award ERF Selected by MIRD Committee
2019 Henry N. Wagner, Jr, MD Image of the Year Award Henry Wagner Family and SNMMI Tied to abstracts
2019 Henry N. Wagner, Jr, MD Best Paper of the Year Award Henry Wagner Family and SNMMI Tied to abstracts
2019 Alavi-Mandell Publication Awards ERF Tied to JNM
2019 Arthur Weis, MD, Award in Radiation Dosimetry and Safety ERF Tied to abstracts
2019 Michael J. Welch, RPSC Postdoctoral Travel Grant ERF Selected by RPSC
2019 Michael J. Welch, PhD Award ERF Selected by RPSC



SNMMI Programs Supported by
2020 Marc Tetalman, MD, Memorial Award ERF
2020 ERF-SNMMI Postdoctoral Molecular Imaging Scholar Program Grant ERF
2020 Paul C. Aebersold Award ERF
2020 SNMMI Fellow SNMMI
2020 Mitzi & William Blahd, MD, Pilot Research Grant ERF
SNMMI-TS Programs Sponsor
2020 Mickey Williams Minority Technologist Scholarship PDEF
2020 PDEF Professional Development Scholarship PDEF
2020 ERF SNMMI-TS Advanced Degree Scholarship ERF
2020 ERF SNMMI-TS Bachelor's or Master's Degree Completion Scholarship ERF



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The Scholarship, grant, and award opportunities offered by the SNMMI & SNMMI-TS are made possible by a grant from The Education and Research Foundation for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging unless otherwise noted. To learn more about the Foundation and to give to one of the very worthy campaigns that supports these programs please visit their website, Your support is crucial to the vitality of these awards and the future of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.