ERF SNMMI-CMIIT Lab Professional Recognition Award for Contributions to Molecular Imaging

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Amount: Complimentary registration to the SNMMI Annual Meeting and reimbursement of up to $1,000 for travel to the Meeting

Sponsored by: ERF


The CMIIT Lab Professional Recognition Award for Contributions to Molecular Imaging is designed to recognize laboratory professionals that have made a significant contribution to molecular imaging and therapy while working in the laboratory of a principal investigator (PI). The award will be granted for contributions in any molecular imaging category, including but not limited to biomarker development, CT, MRI, optical, PET, SPECT, and ultrasound imaging.

The Lab Professional Award is specifically created for lab professionals at a staff level position with an emphasis on accomplishments achieved in the laboratory of the PI. Presented annually, its purpose is to promote the exemplary accomplishments by individuals in the lab who may not have the opportunity to receive recognition in other arenas. Nominations should focus on the individual’s contributions to a laboratory and how those contributions have advanced an area of molecular imaging and therapy.

Eligibility and Nomination process:

  • Nominee is employed in a laboratory at a staff level position.
  • Nomination by an SNMMI member.
  • Nominee is an SNMMI member at the time of nomination.  (SNMMI membership information)
  • 1-page nomination letter describing the individual’s role in the project and the impact/contribution to science
  • Nominee CV and a 1/2 to 1-page summary of the project or work and how it has impacted molecular imaging
  • Not eligible: Individuals with a doctorate (PhD, PharmD, etc..) if they are performing independent research activities; individuals in pursuit of a PhD or are in-training in programs higher than a master’s degree; residents; and fellows.