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SNMMI 2022 Annual Meeting
June 11-14, 2022 | Vancouver, BC, Canada

We are excited to welcome you back to an in-person SNMMI Annual Meeting—widely recognized as the premier educational, scientific, research, and networking event in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. Make your plans now to attend SNMMI's flagship meeting, June 11-14 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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While we encourage you to attend in-person for the complete meeting experience, in-person and virtual registration options are available. Both options give you access to live-streamed sessions to watch virtually from your hotel room or other convenient location, and on-demand sessions for 30 days. Choose the "complete meeting package" to add access to meeting recordings for three years in the SNMMI Learning Center.

New! Brain Imaging Tech TIME

The new Tech TIME (Technical Imaging Multidisciplinary Education) series has been created by the SNMMI Technologist Section to address the information gap between traditional continuing education and immediately available online reference materials. This series begins with brain imaging procedures in nuclear medicine and PET.

The goal of the Tech TIME is to provide you with accurate and up to date online tools to quickly solve questions and problems. These great resources will include easy-to-read fact sheets, 2-3 minute video vignettes to answer specific “how-to” questions, case studies with relevant patient examples, and a valuable directory for follow up-learning or continuing education credit.


 Download Fact Sheets | Explore Clinical VignettesDownload Case Studies 

Tech TIME Task Force Members 

Funded by a partnership grant from Eli Lilly & Company to create non-credit training/informational tools about PET brain imaging for technologists.

Tech-Focused Books

Re-focus with SNMMI's technologist-focused publications and enhance your nuclear medicine knowledge and comprehension.

Combo Packages

New! Technologist Study and Reference Combo

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Technologist Reference and Review Combo

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Essential Resources for Technologists

  • Abdominal Imaging: Quality, Safety, & Dose Optimization
    • SNMMI Members: Download your free digital copy. | Purchase a print copy of this book. | Purchase with CE credit.
  • Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: Quality, Safety, and Dose Optimization
    • SNMMI Members: Download your free digital copy. | Purchase a print copy of this book.  | Purchase with CE credit.

Scope of Practice

The spectrum of responsibilities for a nuclear medicine technologist varies widely across the United States. Practice components presented in this document provide a basis for establishing the areas of knowledge and performance for the nuclear medicine technologist. The nuclear medicine technologist must be in compliance with all federal, state, and institutional guidelines, including proper documentation of initial and continued competency in those practices and activities.

Continuing education is a necessary component in maintaining the skills required to perform all duties and tasks of the nuclear medicine technologist in this ever-evolving field.

The Nuclear Medicine Technologist Scope of Practice and Performance Standards document is intended to set forth the standards in important areas of the nuclear medicine technologist’s responsibilities.  It may not cover all areas which may present themselves in actual practice.  These standards do not supersede the judgment of the individual nuclear medicine technologist and other healthcare professionals serving the patient in light of all of the facts of the individual case.  THE SOCIETY OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND MOLECULAR IMAGING AND THE SOCIETY OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND MOLECULAR IMAGING TECHNOLOGIST SECTION DISCLAIM ALL LIABILITY ARISING FROM USE OF THESE DOCUMENTS.

NMT Scope of Practice and Performance Standards - Approved May 2020

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Career Opportunities

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The nuclear medicine and molecular imaging technologists are highly specialized healthcare professionals who works closely with the nuclear medicine physician. Some of the technologist’s primary responsibilities are to: Prepare and administer radioactive chemical compounds, known as radiopharmaceuticals and to administer adjunctive medications in order to perform patient imaging procedures using sophisticated instrumentation; Process data and enhance digital images using advanced computer technology; Provide images, data analysis, and patient information to the physician for diagnostic interpretation; and Evaluate new procedures for appropriateness in specific clinical settings and patient populations.

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technologist Section as part of the SNMMI, is constantly striving to make a difference in the way nuclear medicine and molecular imaging technologists receive academic and continuing education as well as information concerning new procedures, technologies and equipment. Research has been a vital part of SNMMI-TS activities for many years, as has monitoring federal regulation and influencing decisions that affect the practice of nuclear medicine.

In addition to providing discussion forums and publishing journals, newsletters and books, SNMMI-TS also sponsors international meetings and workshops designed to increase the competencies of nuclear medicine practitioners and to promote new scientific advances. The activities of the SNMMI-TS National Council of Representatives, volunteer committee members, and staff focus on improving the quality of care for the patients served by technologists around the world.

Learn more about Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technologists. Click here to learn more about the resources available to our Student Technologist Members.


  • Jun 8, 2024 -  Jun 11, 2024 SNMMI 2024 Annual Meeting
    Metro Toronto Convention Centre
    Headquarter Hotel: Fairmont Royal York | Toronto | Canada


SNMMI 2022 Annual Meeting

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