Prostate Cancer Outreach Working Group

Working Group Charges

The Prostate Cancer Outreach Working Group will focus on increasing awareness of oncologist, urologists, and family practitioners about imaging and therapy technologies such as FACBC, bone scintigraphy, and Radium 223, providing updated patient materials for the website and all patient education events, and educating legislators, regulatory officials, and funding bodies.

Prostate Cancer Outreach Resources

SNMMI, with the support of the Prostate Cancer Outreach Working Group, offers a number of resources for patients and referring physicians, including:

Working Group Minutes

Working Group Members

Phillip Koo, MD (Chair)

Frankis Almaguel, MD, PhD

Salvado Borges-Neto, MD

Bennett B. Chin, MD

Guido A. Davidzon, MD, SM

Robert Flavell, MD, PhD

Ajit Goenka, MD

Herman Kensky, MD

Felix Mottaghy, MD, PhD

Suresh Pandey, PhD

Ephraim Parent, MD

Andrew Quon, MD

Bital Savir-Baruch, MD