New Professionals

You asked and we agreed…there just isn’t enough information for nuclear medicine technologist new professionals! Your needs are different, your time is precious, and you need information that is going to be pertinent to you, delivered right to you.

In 2011, the SNMMI-TS created a New Professionals Task Force, to address your needs. The mission of this task force is to provide a forum for those new to the profession, to get insight into their needs, and to help the SNMMI-TS in developing programs that will directly relate to these new professionals. Through the discussions of the Task Force, it was agreed that a new professional can be defined as someone who is  within the first 10 yeasr of their career in nuclear medicine/molecular imaging.

The group is charged with presenting and addressing items that will improve the value of the SNMMI to the new technologist. One of the first initiatives of the task force was to conduct a new professionals survey to gather feedback on what you, as new professionals, needed from the SNMMI-TS. Through the results of the survey, it was determined that you, as new professionals, need specific information relative to you. It was with this in mind, that the Collimator Newsletter was created, as well as this web-page, dedicated to providing you with relevant information YOU can use.

The Collimator, a newsletter that is sent to all nuclear medicine technologist new professionals (members and nonmembers) will provide relevant information that you have requested. While the task force will be soliciting articles for each issue, we encourage you to submit topics that you would like included.

We hope that the Collimator Newsletter and this webpage will provide a gateway for new technologists to garner information about SNMMI-TS activities and provide a community where you can share ideas and concerns while seeking to build long-lasting friendships, contacts and career relationships.