SNMMI is a global and collaborative scientific organization dedicated to both the practice and the science of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and therapy around the world. SNMMI's worldwide membership totals more than 18,000, including physicians, scientists, technologists, chemists, radiopharmacists, students and industry representatives from 76 countries around the world.

A Global Organization

SNMMI is a global and collaborative scientific organization dedicated to both the practice and the science of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and therapy around the world. SNMMI's worldwide membership totals over 18,000, which includes physicians, scientists, technologists, chemists, radiopharmacists, students and industry representatives from more than 75 countries around the world. SNMMI's Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM), the premier international journal of nuclear medicine, reaches over 18,000 individuals each month. SNMMI's Annual Meeting is nuclear medicine's and molecular iamging's largest gathering each year, attracting over 4,000 professional attendees and another 2,500 industry representatives.

At the most recent Annual Meeting in June 2013 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, 38% of registered attendees were from countries other than the United States. Attendees represented over 69 countries. In addition, abstract submissions for SNMMI's Annual Meeting from outside the United States represent close to 65% of all submissions.

SNMMI Headquarters
While SNMMI's headquarters office resides in Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., its perspective, programs, and growth are as international as its members. As of 2013, more than 11.8% of the Society's members reside in more than 75 countries other than the United States.

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SNMMI's Programs and Activities 

SNMMI's educational programs and activities reflect the increasing importance and participation of its international members. Such common global nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and therapy issues as quality of care, educating referring physicians and patients, and exploring ways to better share developments in the practice of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and therapy are but a few of the activities currently underway by Society staff, Committees, Councils, and our Centers of Excellence. This website seeks to constantly expand its offerings to the Society's international members, providing an ever-changing, updated array of global resources and news for nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and therapy professionals literally anywhere on the globe.

SNMMI continues to stay actively involved in several jointly sponsored educational programs and educational outreach activities with regional nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and therapy organizations around the world; both in their home countries, and during SNMMI's Annual Meeting. These joint sponsored programs include not only the sharing of speakers and renown experts on all facets of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, collaboration on the development of enduring educational materials, and programmatic/administrative support, but also include translation of materials and website development.

Each year, the SNMMI collaborates with international organizations in an effort to continue the exchange of ideas, education and knowledge. This year, 2013, the SNMMI sponsored and/or participated in several important intiatives.

Nuclear Medicine Global Initiative
2nd Sino-American Conference
Chinese/U.S. Resident Exchange Program
Wagner-Torizuka Fellowship
IAEA CT Case Webinar Series
EANM Collaborative Guidelines

Upcoming Meetings

SNMMI 2014 Annual Meeting | 7-11 June 2014 | St. Louis, Missouri, USA

The SNMMI Annual Meeting has been recognized by thousands of professional attendees from across the globe as the premier educational and networking event in molecular imaging and nuclear medicine. The 2014 Annual Meeting will continue to build on past successes offering: the latest educational content; virtual learning opportunities both during the meeting and post-conference; networking events; and an exhibit hall packed with the latest technology. With an average 30% of attendees coming from outside of the United States, SNMMI is here to help you prepare for your travel to meeting.

What is Required?

If you require a Visa to visit the United States, it is recommended that you apply as soon as travel to the SNMMI Annual Meeting is contemplated, but no later than 2-3 months in advance. You will need the following documentation for a visa:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Application
  3. Documents to support the application detailing employment, reason for travel (provide the Society's Preliminary Program and letter of invitation), and financial status.

Visit the U.S. State Department website for complete information.

SNMMI 2014 Mid-Winter Meeting | 6-9 February 2014 | Palm Springs, California, USA

A beautiful desert oasis—Palm Springs—provides the perfect backdrop for the 2014 Mid-Winter Meeting. With beautiful palm tree lined streets surrounding championship golf courses, world-class restaurants and shopping, you will quickly understand why Palm Springs is “Like No Place Else.”

SNMMI has packaged this passion for learning into a program of first-class offerings highlighting the current and emerging technical, preclinical, and clinical applications of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.


SNMMI offers a Full International Membership category for inernational colleagues. Learn more on how to become an SNMMI Full Member (international).

Full Member


Available to physicians, scientists or pharmacists possessing an advanced degree who have presented credentials indicating their professional activity, either, medical, paramedical, investigational or educational in the scientific or clinical disciplines of molecular imaging or nuclear medicine. This includes the diagnostic, therapeutic or investigational use of radionuclides or other molecular imaging technologies.

Annual dues: $410

Includes subscription to The Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Includes voting rights and can be elected an Officer of the SNMMI.

Strategic Alliances: Partnering for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging's Global Growth

As part of its continuing commitment to growing the practice of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and therapy worldwide, SNMMI leadership works diligently to develop strategic alliances with key regional nuclear medicine organizations to assist these groups in expanding the scope and quality of nuclear medicine outside the United States. These strategic alliances stretch across the globe. reaching every continent where SNMMI's members reside and practice.

SNMMI Partners and Alliances Include:

Contact Us

For more information on SNMMI's international activities and programs, please contact:

Nikki Wenzel-Lamb, MBA Director of Leadership Direct: 703-652-6766 Fax: 703-708-9020 Email:

  • September 17, 2014Update on Kinevac Availability

    Bracco Diagnostics Inc. announced that production is moving forward with targeted efforts for Kinevac commercial availability by the end of September.
    (Government Relations News)

  • September 17, 2014PET-CT predicts lymphoma survival better than conventional imaging

    Positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET-CT) is more accurate than conventional CT scanning in measuring response to treatment and predicting survival in patients with follicular lymphoma, and should be used routinely in clinical practice, according to new research published in The Lancet Haematology.
    (MI: Making a Difference)

  • September 2, 2014SNMMI 2014-2016 Wagner-Torizuka Fellowship Recipients Announced

    The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014-2016 SNMMI Wagner-Torizuka Fellowship. This two-year fellowship, founded in 2008 by the late Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD, and the late Kanji Torizuka, MD, PhD, is designed to provide extensive training and experience in the fields of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging for Japanese physicians in the early stages of their careers.
    (Press Release)

  • August 26, 2014PET shows how brain benefits from weight loss

    PET images show how weight-loss surgery can curb alterations in brain activity associated with obesity and improve cognitive function involved in planning, strategizing, and organizing.
    (MI: Making a Difference)


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