Chinese/U.S. Resident Exchange Program

History: In 2007, delegates of the Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine (CSNM) met with the leadership of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) during the SNMMI Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. At that time both organizations agreed to work towards the creation and implementation of a Sino-American Conference on Nuclear Medicine. A follow-up meeting was scheduled for October 2009 and the final plans were put into place for the 1st Sino-American Conference to be held in 2011. The first conference was hosted by the CSNM and held February 24-28, 2011 in Beijing China. Twelve United States based residents, along with 5 SNMMI Leaders, traveled to China to participate in the exchange of education and knowledge. This meeting provided insightful and innovative education to the United States Nuclear Medicine residents.

The implementation of the Sino-American conference ended an almost 30-year vacancy of professional communication at the society level between the SNMMI and CSNM and embodies the mutual interest, recognition, understanding and determination to join hands in the promotion of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging through the sharing of ideas, learning from each other, and enhancing coordination towards our common goal of providing better care to patients.

Overview of Program: In order to continue the exchange of education and knowledge that started during the Beijing meeting, the SNMMI and CSNM agreed to create an exchange program whereby two residents from the United States and two residents from China would travel to China and the US (respectively) and serve as observers in a hospital setting.  While in the respective country, residents attend educational programs, and study under a physician, who is also a leader within the society and the field. In addition to the education and observation programs the residents also participate in some sight-seeing excursions hosted by the on-site host.  

The exchange program lasts two weeks and is co-sponsored by the SNMMI and CSNM. The SNMMI pays for the flights of the two US residents and the CSNM pays for the expenses once in China. The same is true for the Chinese residents.

Selection Process: The 2015 CSNM/SNMMI Exchange Program winners will be selected following the 3rd Sino-American Conference in May 2015. In order to be eligible, the resident must have submitted an abstract to the 2015 Mid-Winter Meeting and the abstract must have been accepted for oral presentation. Following presention of the abstract at the 3rd Sino-American Conference, the top two winners will be identified from the United States and China (respectively) to participate in the 2015 Exchange Program. (For more information on the 2015 Mid-Winter Meeting Abstract Submission/Selection, please visit:


2013 CSNM/SNMMI Exchange Program Winners

Erica Cohen

US Resident - Erica Cohen, DO, MPH
Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
October 7 - October 27, 2013
Traveled to Xijing hospital in Xian, China



US Resident - Guido Davidzon, MD
Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Date and location pending

Fei Kang


CSNM Resident - Fei Kang, MD
Xijing Hospital, Xian, Shanxi, China
October 6 - 19, 2013
Traveled to Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, CA



Zhaowei Meng


CSNM Resident - Zhaowei Meng, MD, PhD
Tianjin Medical University General Hospital
Tianjin, China
September 22 - October 4, 2013
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, NY