Brain Imaging Outreach Working Group

Working Group Charges

The Brain Imaging Outreach Working Group will focus on increasing awareness among neurologists and other referring physicians about FDG, SPECT, dopamine transporter imaging, and amyloid imaging and their appropriate uses, providing updated patient materials for the website and all patient education events, and educating legislators, regulatory officials, and funding bodies. 

Working Group Reports 
See Committee on Outreach Reports, Click here.

Working Group Members

Jacob Dubroff, MD, PhD (Chair)

Gagandeep Choudhary, MD

Mehdi Djekidel, MD

Theodore A. Henderson, MD, PhD

Peter Herscovitch, MD

Phillip Kuo, MD, PhD 

Mykol Larvie, MD, PhD

Jonathan McConathy, MD, PhD

Satoshi Minoshima, MD, PhD

Ephrahim Parent, MD

David Russell, MD, PhD

John P. Seibyl, MD

Sepideh Shokouhi, PhD

Christopher Swingle, DO

Christopher Weber, PhD

Dean Wong, MD, PhD