Committee on Past Presidents

Committee on Past Presidents

The SNMMI is grateful for the extraordinary individuals that have served as President over the years. These individuals have helped to guide and shape the SNMMI and the knowledge they have within the field and the society is simply amazing.

Thomas Carlier, PhD   1953-1954   Member-at-Large 
Asa Seeds, MD*   1954-1955   Pacific Northwest Chapter
Milo T. Harris, MD   1955-1956   Missouri Valley Chapter
Norman J. Holter, D.Sc*   1956-1957   Central Chapter
Marshall Brucer, MD*   1957-1958   Pacific Southwest Chapter
Henry L. Jaffe, MD*   1958-1959   Greater New York Chapter
Henry H. Turner, MD*   1959-1960   Southwest Chapter
Titus C. Evans, PhD*   1960-1961   Missouri Valley Chapter
Lindon Seed, MD*   1961-1962   Central Chapter
James Robert Maxfield, Jr., MD*   1962-1963   Southwest Chapter
Thad P. Sears, MD*   1963-1964   Pacific Northwest Chapter
John U. Hidalgo, MD*   1964-1965   Southwest Chapter
William H. Beierwaltes, MD*   1965-1966   Central Chapter
John H. Lawrence, MD*   1966-1967   Northern California
Merrill H. Bender, MD   1967-1968   Eastern Great Lakes
C. Craig Harris, MD*   1968-1969   Southeastern Chapter
George V. Taplin, MD*   1969-1970   Pacific Southwest Chapter
Henry N. Wagner, MD*   1970-1971   Mid-Eastern Chapter
James L. Quinn III, MD*   1971-1972   Central Chapter
Monte Blau, PhD   1972-1973   New England Chapter
Wil B. Nelp, MD   1973-1974   Pacific Northwest Chapter
Alexander Gottschalk, MD*   1974-1975   Central Chapter
E. J. Potchen, MD   1975-1976   Central Chapter
William J. MacIntyre, PhD*   1976-1977   Central Chapter
William H. Blahd, MD*   1977-1978   Pacific Southwest Chapter
C. D. Maynard, MD   1978-1979   Southeastern Chapter
Leonard M. Freeman, MD   1979-1980   Greater New York Chapter
William R. Hendee, PhD   1980-1981   Central Chapter
Gerald L. DeNardo, MD   1981-1982   Northern California
John A. Burdine, MD*   1982-1983   Southwest Chapter
Merle K. Loken, MD, PhD*   1983-1984   Central Chapter
Michael J. Welch, PhD*   1984-1985   Missouri Valley Chapter
Stanley J. Goldsmith, MD   1985-1986   Greater New York Chapter
Howard J. Dworkin, MD*   1986-1987   Central Chapter
B. Leonard Holman, MD*   1987-1988   New England Chapter
Barbara Y. Croft, PhD   1988-1989   Southeastern Chapter
Richard A. Holmes, MD   1989-1990   Missouri Valley Chapter
Naomi Alazraki, MD   1990-1991   Southeastern Chapter
Leon S. Malmud, MD   1991-1992   Greater New York Chapter
Paul H. Murphy, PhD   1992-1993   Southwest Chapter
Richard C. Reba, MD   1993-1994   Mid-Eastern Chapter
James J. Conway, MD   1994-1995   Central Chapter
Peter T. Kirchner, MD   1995-1996   Mid-Eastern Chapter
Michael D. Devous, Sr., PhD   1996-1997   Southwest Chapter
H. William Strauss, MD   1997-1998   Greater New York Chapter
James W. Fletcher, MD   1998-1999   Central Chapter
Robert F. Carretta, MD   1999-2000   Southeastern Chapter
Jonathan M. Links, PhD   2000-2001   Mid-Eastern Chapter
Alan H. Maurer, MD   2001-2002   Greater New York Chapter
Michael J. Gelfand, MD   2002-2003   Southeastern Chapter
Henry D. Royal, MD   2003-2004   Missouri Valley Chapter
Mathew L. Thakur, PhD   2004-2005   Greater New York Chapter
Peter S. Conti, MD, PhD, FACNM   2005-2006   Pacific Southwest Chapter
Martin P. Sandler, MD   2006-2007   Southeastern Chapter
Alexander J. B. McEwan, MD   2007-2008   Pacific Northwest Chapter
Robert W. Atcher, PhD, MBA   2008-2009   Southwest Chapter
Michael M. Graham, PhD, MD   2009-2010   Missouri Valley Chapter
Dominique Delbeke, MD, PhD   2010-2011   Southeastern Chapter
George M. Segall, MD   2011-2012   Northern California
Frederic H. Fahey, DSc.   2012-2013  

New England Chapter

Gary L. Dillehay, MD, FACR, FACNM                2013-2014                      Central Chapter                        
Peter Herscovitch, MD, FACP, FRCPC   2014-2015    Mid-Eastner Chapter


*denotes deceased member