Patient Advocacy Advisory Board

Working Group Charges

The Patient Advocacy Advisory Board will provide the patient perspective to the Society of Nuclear Medicine; advise the Society on the development of educational programs and materials which advance patients’ understanding and knowledge of the role of molecular imaging and nuclear medicine in both the diagnostic and therapeutic settings; and advise the Society on public policies which impact nuclear medicine and molecular imaging and assist the Society in educating relevant audiences.

Working Group Reports 
See Committee on Outreach Reports, Click here.

Working Group Members

Dorothy McGrath (Chair) 

Jeri Francoeur (Vice Chair)

Stephen Schwartz (Past Chair)

Rosemary Ciotti

Mike Crosby

Amy Friedrich-Karnik, MPP

Ramon Llamas

Terri Likowski

Josh Mailman, MBA

Anita McGlothlin

Cassadie Morarek

Bital Savir-Baruch, MD

Christopher Weber, PhD

Theresa Wickerham

Chadwick Wright, MD, PhD