Scope of Practice Task Force (SNMMI-TS)

Committee Charges 2021-22

  1. Regularly review and maintain the definition of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging technologist.

  2. Review the Scope of Practice and identify updates or changes that need to be made

  3. Review the Clinical Performance Standards and identify updates or changes that need to be made

  4. Serve as the determination body for questions regarding the SNMMI-TS Scope of Practice.

  5. Work with the SNMMI-TS Advocacy Committee on Scope of Practice-related issues.

  6. Apprise the SNMMI-TS Advocacy Committee and Executive Board of issues relating to the Scope of Practice.

  7. Suggest educational offerings to the Continuing Education and Program Committee for the NMT membership to learn about the Clinical Performance Standards.

  8. If the SNMMI-TS Scope of Practice is updated/revised provides new documents/updates should be provided to the various organizational websites and areas as attached here. In addition, newly created documents should reflect the current Scope of Practice.

NMT Scope of Practice and Performance Standards

2020 NMT Scope of Practice and Performance Standards

Committee Members

Jeremy L. Iman, CNMT, PET, CRA, CT Chairperson
Joseph R. MacLean, MHA, CNMT Vice-Chairperson
Krystle W. Glasgow, CNMT,NMTCB(CT),NMAA, Ex-Officio Member
Roberta J. Alvarez, MS, ARRT(N)(MR),CNMT Committee Member
Danny A. Basso, MS,CNMT,NCT,FSNMTS Committee Member
Dmitry D. Beyder, MPA, CNMT Committee Member
Julie Dawn Bolin, MS, CNMT Committee Member
Nanci A. Burchell, MBA, CNMT, RS(NMTCB) Committee Member
Courtney Cross, MBA, RT(N)(CT),CNMT Committee Member
Leonard P. English, RT(N),CNMT,RDMS,RVT Committee Member
Sarah R. Gibbons, MBA, CNMT, NMTCB(CT) Committee Member
Kelley L. Hanf, R.T.(N), CNMT Committee Member
Cindy Herring, MA, BS, ARRTN, ARRTR Committee Member
Kathleen M. Krisak, BS, CNMT, FSNMMI-TS Committee Member
Hyein Haley Lee Committee Member
Cindi Luckett-Gilbert, MHA,CNMT,FSNMMITS Committee Member
Angela Macci-Bires, Ed.D,MPM,RT(N),CNMT Committee Member
Melissa J. Marshall, CNMT, ARRT(CT), AS Committee Member
Lyn M. Mehlberg, BS, CNMT, FSNMMI-TS Committee Member
Togustine L. Nguyen, RT(R)(N)(CT)ARRT, BA Committee Member
Clay E. Nuquist, BS, CNMT, PET Committee Member
Tricia L. Peters, BS, CNMT, PET,RT(CT) Committee Member
Melissa J. Rose, CNMT, RT(N) Committee Member
Dan Ryan, MHA, CRA, CNMT, ARRT Committee Member
Richard T. Serino, MEd, CNMT Committee Member
Jeremy Slicker, CNMT NMTCB(RS) RT(N) Committee Member
Kiran K. Solingapuram Sai, PhD Committee Member
Ann M. Voslar, MHA/Ed, RT(N), CNMT Committee Member
Joshua Wiley, CNMT, PET Committee Member