Radiation Dose Assessment Resource (RADAR) Task Force

Task Force Charges

  • Compile and disseminate data in readily accessible electronic form, for practical internal dose applications generated by RADAR and others, including radionuclide decay properties and emissions, biokinetic model parameters, absorbed fractions, and anatomic models.
  • Develop and maintain compendia of accepted decay data, absorbed fractions, and dose estimates for established radiopharmaceuticals, in readily accessible electronic form, including organ doses, effective doses, and other relevant quantities.
  • Develop new practical anatomic models and methodologies for implementation of internal and external dose calculations.
  • Develop and implement software and internet interactive tools that implement dose-related calculations and models.
  • Provide interpretation and guidance to the nuclear medicine community on practical issues regarding regulatory compliance, patient and family issues regarding radiation dose, and related areas.
  • Provide practical methods for correlating radiation dose with biological factors including those that relate dose and dose rate to biological response and risk.
  • Interact with other national and international working groups via regular communication and shared congresses to develop and harmonize internal and external dosimetry models, methodologies, and data to further the development and understanding of dosimetry models and biological response relationships.