Committee on Ethics

Committee Charges

  • To develop and maintain a professional code of ethics for nuclear medicine professionals.
  • To ensure that all SNMMI activities are held to high ethical standards.
  • To provide advice and counsel to the SNMMI Board of Directors, House of Delegates, and other SNMMI committees or task forces on ethics-related issues as may be requested from time to time by such entities.
  • Liaison for SNMMI to the ethics programs/activities of other medical specialty organizations (i.e., CMSS, AMA, ACR, etc.), and seek opportunities to work with these other organizations on issues of mutual interest with respect to ethics.
  • To implement and maintain a conflict of interest disclosure process for all key volunteer leaders of SNMMI.
  • Review and update Conflict of Interest Policy periodically.

Committee Members

Warren R. Janowitz, MD, JD, FACNM Chairperson
Richard L. Wahl, MD, FACNM Ex-Officio Member
Sue H. Abreu, MD, JD, FACNM Committee Member
Bruce Jonathan Barron, MD, FACNM Committee Member
Cathy Sue Cutler, PhD, FSNMMI Committee Member
Arun K. Gorla, MBBS, MD, FANMB Committee Member
Anthony W. Knight, PhD,CNMT,RT(N),NCT,F Committee Member
Sandi A. Kwee, MD Committee Member
Darko Pucar, MD, PhD Committee Member
David M. Schuster, MD Committee Member
Anwer Sheikh, MD Committee Member
Theodore J. Stahl, MD, ABNM, FACNM Committee Member
Arnold M. Strashun, MD, FSNMMI Committee Member
Reza Vali, MD Committee Member