Community Based Nuclear Medicine Committee


Committee Charges

  • To increase awareness about and access to new nuclear medicine technologies by non-academic nuclear medicine physicians;
  • To adapt and transition nuclear medicine technologies, standards and guidelines from the academic setting to non-academic practices. 
  • To increase awareness about alternative business models for the delivery of nuclear medicine services, including increased access to radiochemistry and radiophysics expertise.
  • To analyze the impact of the regulatory environment on the non-academic practice of nuclear medicine;
  • To optimize the transition of nuclear medicine practice from volume to value in the non-academic setting, with a focus on quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction.
  • To create a community of clinical leaders from diverse practice settings that can promote outreach and education for the field of nuclear medicine through collaborations with regional healthcare organizations and through program development at the local level;
  • To enhance communication between non-academic nuclear medicine professionals and other SNMMI committees.

Committee Members

Tony Abraham, DO, MPA Co-Chairperson
Alexandru Bageac, MD, MBA Co-Chairperson
Michael L. Middleton, MD, CPE, FACNM Board Liaison
Munir Ghesani, MD, FACNM, FACR Ex-Officio Member
Lee P. Adler, MD Committee Member
Atul Aggarwal, MD Committee Member
Shawn S. Carter, MD Committee Member
Jessica Comstock, PharmD Committee Member
Michel-Alexis R. Courtines, MD Committee Member
Tony Francis, MD Committee Member
Daniel A. Frankel, MD Committee Member
Nicholas C. Friedman, MD Committee Member
Stephanie Hoffman, PharmD Committee Member
Saima Muzahir, MD, FCPS, FRCPE Committee Member
Dori L. Nelson, BS,CNMT,NCT,FSNMMITS Committee Member
Akintunde T. Orunmuyi, MD Committee Member
Ana Pakal, BS, LNMT,ARRT(N)(CT) Committee Member
Ana Pakal, BS, LNMT,ARRT(N)(CT) Committee Member
Lucrecia M. Pantarotto, CNMT, NMTCB(CT)(PET) Committee Member
Tricia L. Peters, BS, CNMT, PET,RT(CT) Committee Member
Jennifer Scheler, MD Committee Member
Christian T. Schmitt, MD Committee Member
Paul S. Sirotta, MD Committee Member
Steven Sosnowski, CNMT Committee Member
Steven Sosnowski, CNMT Committee Member