Guidance Oversight Committee

Committee Charges

  • Recommend topics for new guidelines and determine schedule of periodic review and revision of existing guidelines.
  • Develop and implement a process to maintain and update the guidelines.
  • Determine if developing joint guidelines with other societies are appropriate and facilitate and manage opportunities to collaborate with other organizations.
  • Develop ways to disseminate the guidelines to the members of the society and other stakeholders.

Committee Members

Kevin J. Donohoe, MD Chairperson
Alan B. Packard, PhD Ex-Officio Member
Erica J. Cohen, DO, MPH, FACNM Committee Member
Dominique Delbeke, MD, PhD, FSNMMI Committee Member
Gary L. Dillehay, MD,FACNM,FACR,FSNMMI Committee Member
Sharmila Dorbala, MD Committee Member
Shana Elman, MD Committee Member
Hossein Jadvar, MD,PhD,FACNM,FSNMMI Committee Member
Renee M. Moadel, MD, MSc Committee Member
Justin G. Peacock, MD, PhD Committee Member
Carl Wesolowski, MD Committee Member