Preclinical Imaging

Welcome to Best Practices in Preclinical Imaging

The goal of the SNMMI Best Practices in Preclinical Imaging Initiative is to provide guidelines based on the community experience in designing and conducting preclinical imaging experiments. This collaborative effort aims to bring together the best solutions for various imaging modalities and to highlight alternatives and specifics for targeted applications. By providing a common set of information, along with some specific examples of working solutions, we hope to improve the standards of imaging in all preclinical laboratories.

This initiative provides voluntary guidelines and in no way seeks to impose any restrictions on research projects.

  • Animal handling: anesthesia, heating, contrast agents, injections
  • Infection control and biosafety
  • Animal housing and procedures areas
  • Database, archival and computer infrastructure
  • Data analysis and imaging software
  • Training of staff and investigators
  • Animal models and Imaging Probes
  • Development of standardize image format, NEMA or DICOM
  • Imaging center design recommendations

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