SNMMI: Advancing Research and Science

SNMMI is a key hub of research and science for nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. Through society forums such as The Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) and the SNMMI Annual Meeting, the community synergistically develops new tracers, modalities and therapies and establishes best practices for clinical use. Through the SNMMI Clinical Trials Network, the society also assists clinical trials by promoting image standardization and scanner validation worldwide.

Laying the Groundwork for New Tracers, Modalities and Therapies

For decades JNM has been the highest-impact journal in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, and for 60 years, the SNMMI Annual Meeting has been recognized as the premier educational and networking event in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. Through these research forums, SNMMI is invaluable to the field. The history of new tracers, modalities and therapies can be traced through the pages of JNM and the Annual Meeting abstracts, from introduction to the community through clinical trials and development of best practices. Learn more about SNMMI journals.

Promoting Research Through the SNMMI Clinical Trials Network

SNMMI created its Clinical Trials Network (CTN) to facilitate the use of molecular imaging radiopharmaceuticals in multicenter clinical trials. Since its launch, CTN has worked to provide tools and resources to promote faster, more cost-effective drug development and increase the availability and performance of imaging radiopharmaceuticals in clinical trials to produce more reliable and reproducible data. This higher-quality trial data should result in increased clinical utilization, thereby expanding the field of molecular imaging. Learn more about the SNMMI Clinical Trials Network.

Funding New Research

Encouraging and facilitating research and science to advance imaging and therapies is a cornerstone of SNMMI’s mission. The society presents grants, awards and scholarships that allow researchers to pursue new investigations. Learn more about SNMMI’s Grants, Awards, and Scholarships.

Preclinical Imaging

SNMMI Best Practices in Preclinical Imaging Initiative is to provide guidelines based on the community experience in designing and conducting preclinical imaging experiments. This collaborative effort aims to bring together the best solutions for various imaging modalities and to highlight alternatives and specifics for targeted applications. Learn more about SNMMI’s Preclinical Imaging Initiative.

Cooperating to Advance New Imaging and Therapies

SNMMI furthers research and science by drawing the global nuclear medicine and molecular imaging community together to stimulate discussion, share information about successes and failures and steer a path forward for research and science. Learn more about SNMMI’s international focus.