Deadlines Coming Soon for Grants, Awards, Scholarships, Fellowships

October 23, 2018

More than a dozen grants and award applications are open or opening this fall, with varying application deadlines. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

Click on the links below to learn more about the award and determine your eligibility.


Open now:

2019 Mickey Williams Minority Technologist Scholarship (two, $2,500 each)- Deadline for applications: October 31

2019 Paul C. Aebersold Award – Deadline for nominations: November 1

2019 PDEF Professional Development Scholarship ($5,000) - Deadline for applications: November 8

2019 SNMMI Fellow – Deadline for applications: November 15

2019 Hyman-Ghesani SNMMI GLobal Health Scholarship - Deadline for applications: December

2019-2021 Wagner-Torizuka Fellowship ($48,000 over 2 years) – Deadline for applications: January 27

2019 ERF SNMMI-TS Outstanding Technologist/Educator ($750) - Deadline for applications: February 28

For more information about SNMMI grants and awards and to view awards opening soon, visit the SNMMI website