SNMMI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative Kick-Off Event

December 8, 2020 EST
Event Details:

SNMMI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative Kick-Off Event
Sponsored by the SNMMI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce

Guest Speaker
Kamella Emmanuel; CEO, Keep Evolving Consulting And Executive Coach 

Session Summary
SNMMI is excited to launch its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative with an outstanding guest speaker - Kamella Emmanuel, Executive Coach and the CEO of Keep Evolving Consulting. We invite you to join the SNMMI President, Alan Packard, PhD, as he officially announces SNMMI’s DE&I Initiative and Hyewon Hyun, MD, Chair of the SNMMI DE&I Task Force, as she shares the official SNMMI DE&I Statement. Amy Vavere, PhD will moderate a Q/A session with Kamella Emmanuel, asking all the hard questions professionals want to know, but don’t know how raise the topic or are afraid to ask. This is an exciting event, you won’t want to miss! 

About Kamella Emmanuel
Originally from the United Kingdom, Kamella Emmanuel has spent more than15 years working in Leadership Development for the British Embassy as a diplomat in locations across the world. These Embassy posts included serving more than four years in Kingston, Jamaica and over three years in Abuja, Nigeria and three to six months in Indonesia and Thailand. Kamella has a B.S. in Public Administration and Education from the University of Surrey in London, England, and is a Certified Diversity Practitioner and Professional Executive Coach. Kamella has been featured on Fox 46, WURD Radio and Collective Conversations as a leading Diversity expert on Implicit Bias and Inclusion in the workplace. Her ability to captivate her audience has allowed her to engage with cross cultural leaders to build a successful international career. She has consulted with and coached many leaders and executives in micro-inequities, cultural diversity, cultural competencies, inclusive recruiting, and organizational change. She is a highly inclusive leader who connects individuals and creates the conditions for formal and serendipitous collaboration to occur. Kamella is skilled in explaining and talking about how inclusion should connect to the mission and organizational structures. She creates processes that add value, focus on efficiency, as well as meet company objectives.
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  • While Diversity and Inclusion strategies are necessary and important you'll never fully reach the potential of and DE&I strategy unless people feel like they Belong and they can bring their true authentic self to work.
  • Kamella Emmanuel explains how to drive the conversation on DIBs, listen to employees, create a strategy for your organization by integrating  diversity, inclusion and belonging into recruitment, training , performance evaluations promotions.  She will  explain the subtle biases of  micro-inequities  and ethnocentrism and they create and inside “outside” culture.
  • Belonging is that sense of inclusion where people feel “Not only is this where I fit in but I'm accepted for who I am”. Belonging has the power to liberate ideas and creativity. How can our organization ensure we are fostering a culture of belonging?

Alan Packard, PhD; SNMMI President
Amy Vavere, PhD; SNMMI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force – Program Working Group Chair 

Alan Packard, PhD – SNMMI President
Hyewon Hyun, MD – SNMMI SNMMI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force Chair