Dosimetry for I-131 Therapy

The Value Initiative Program of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging in coordination with Drs. Douglas Van Nostrand, Di Wu, and Donika Plyku, as well as Sheila Beaman at MedStar Health Research Institute and Washington Hospital Center, have established a new “Radioiodine Dosimetry Initiative.” 

The overall objective of this initiation is to promote the development of appropriate clinical, research, and quality control efforts involving radioiodine dosimetry to help guide the administered I-131 therapeutic activity for the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC).

The first and second phase of this multi-phase project was the development of a database of facilities in the United States and other countries that perform some form of dosimetry to help guide the administered I-131 therapeutic activity for the treatment of DTC.   The results have been compiled and organized by states and countries and are accessible via the links below. The database will be updated periodically. 

The third phase of the “Radioiodine Dosimetry Initiative” is now underway with multiple additional objectives:

  • to determine practice patterns related to indications, including the methods for performing dosimetry and/or reasons for not performing dosimetry;
  • to assess facilities’ quality assurance and performance improvement programs and to promote quality of care by the appropriate use of dosimetry methods for optimizing I-131 therapy; and
  • to promote standardization of dosimetry, increase collaboration, and pursue any further initiatives indicated by the compiled research.

For inquiries, suggestions, errors and/or to request that your facility be listed in this database, please contact Douglas Van Nostrand at

For a complete summary of this project, click here.

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The society acknowledges staff support from MedStar Health Research Institute, MedStar Washington Hospital Center (Douglas Van Nostrand, MD, FACP, FACNP, Director of Nuclear Medicine; Donika Plyku, PhD, Research Scientist; Di Wu, MD, Clinical Research Coordinator; Sheila Beaman, Research Assistant).

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