The mission of the Advanced Associate Council is to:

  • Aid those who are interested in developing a Nuclear Medicine Advanced Associate program at their facility.
  • Support the practice and policy needs of the NMAA and other areas of technologist advanced practice.
  • Aid with activities associated with nurturing and growing the NMAA, including effecting the necessary culture change to allow this designation to function properly.
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As we recuperate from a successful Annual Meeting in Chicago, I am assuming the position of President of the Advanced Associate Council (AAC) from Dr. Jon Baldwin. I would first like to thank Dr. Baldwin for his leadership as the immediate past president and will try my best to carry on through his example. The Advanced Associate Council continues to strive to be available for all councils as an aid to enhance any scheduled programs to be the bridge between the Technologist and the Physician as is the intent in representing the Nuclear Medicine Advanced Associate (NMAA) profession. This mid-level provider role of the NMAA is perfect to bridge any gaps and free up time for Nuclear Medicine Physicians. We are happy to give any lectures at the Mid-Winter Meeting, Annual Meeting and Regional Meetings. Please just let me know and I will ask our pool of AAC lecturers who is willing to help. (

It is an exciting time for the AAC and the NMAA profession as the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is beginning the process to establish a new NMAA program. The hope is that this program will receive all approvals and start by Fall 2025. Prospects look good as there has been no dissention by the administration at UAB to move forward with the approval process. If you know of anyone interested in this program, please let me know. In addition, in early 2024, UAB will put on a nuclear medicine radionuclide therapy boot camp for 5 days that is intended to give the participant base knowledge of what it takes to start radionuclide therapy in their nuclear medicine department. Experts in the field of radionuclide therapy will give information on how to coordinate resources within the hospital setting to start radionuclide therapy and pitfalls to avoid and pearls of wisdom on what works well. To apply for this boot camp please let me know if you are interested and I will forward your interest to the person(s) in charge, and they will let you know how to apply. There will be a limited number of participants. Travel expenses will be covered for this inaugural boot camp.

As radionuclide therapy grows with more and more approved agents in nuclear medicine, the NMAA is uniquely poised to be THE expert that can be a bridge not only as a help to nuclear medicine and radiology physicians but also nuclear oncologists. Cutting edge medicine has always been a part of nuclear medicine and as Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and radionuclide therapy continues to grow by leaps and bounds so will our profession. What an exciting time to be a part of this new transformative medicine. We truly are “Saving Lives with Half-Life’s”!!


The Society recognizes the need for sub-specialty interests/expertise within the field of nuclear medicine and moleuclar imaging. Councils provide the expertise, professional networking and educational programs for nuclear medicine professionals in respective areas and serve as a resource for development and implementatin of Society policies.

Council membership is voluntary. Councils adhere to Society Bylaws and policies, while operating under its own Operating Procedures, as approved by the House of Delegates, and its own business plan and budget, as approved by the SNMMI Board of Directors.

This section provides the following council specific information.

AAC Board of Directors

AAC Operating Procedures

AAC Business Plan

AAC Council Reports to the House of Delegates

AAC Past Presidents



How to Become a Member
Membership in the Advanced Associate Council is limited to members of the SNMMI. Membership can be attained by indicating the desire to join during the annual renewal of the SNMMI membership or by filing an application with the Secretary of the council.

Payment of Dues
Membership in the AAC requires payment of dues in the amount of $15/year. Dues are paid to SNMMI and will be due on October 1st of each year.

Benefits of Membership:
Membership makes you a part of a professional group within the SNMMI that:

Provides continuing education for professionals in the various areas relating to Advanced Assoiate through sponsored symposia and continuing education courses. Each year the AAC puts on Continuing Education Courses on topics of interest to professionals in NMAA.

Provides a forum and a mechanism for discussion and dissemination of information relating to the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences. The AAC members receive periodic Newsletters and electronic mailings containing information on professional activities, government issues, and a host of other topics related to Advanced Associate. Members will soon have access to AAC Web pages, which will contain timely and archived information relating to a variety of topics of the AAC.

Provides expertise in the NMAA to SNMMI leadership and to groups outside of SNMMI seeking such expertise. The AAC has representation in a number of governance groups within SNMMI, including the Committee on Councils and the House of Delegates.

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SNMMI 2024 Annual Meeting

June 8-11, 2024 | Toronto, Canada

The premier educational, scientific, research, and networking event in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, the SNMMI Annual Meeting provides physicians, technologists, pharmacists, laboratory professionals, and scientists with an in-depth view of the latest research and development in the field as well as providing insights into practical applications for the clinic.

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Council membership is voluntary. Society members are eligible for council membership, and can belong to as many councils as they wish. The Advanced Associate Council dues are $15.00. Join this council


NMAA as a Physician Extender

The Advanced Associate Council is extremely proud to announce that our submitted proposal for the SNMMI to accept and endorse the Nuclear Medicine Advanced Associate (NMAA) as a physician extender, was voted on, and was approved by the SNMMI Board of Directors at the 2018 mid-winter meeting in Orlando!