DOE Isotope Program Issues Annual Update

July 14, 2023

The DOE Isotope Program (DOE IP) supports a network of national laboratories and universities to produce and sell isotopes in short supply or when no other production capability exists domestically. The DOE IP supports research and development to advance new production and processing capabilities of critical isotopes. DOE IP is also the primary global supplier for promising targeted alpha therapy radioisotopes and is increasing their production to meet the significant growth in demand. 

The FY2023 DOE Isotope Program Annual Update for Federal Agencies and Stakeholders includes updates on

  • Mitigating disruptions in Russian isotope supply chains
  • Ac-225 Production at BNL and small cyclotron progress
  • Radium-226 collection and increased processing capabilities
  • World Astatine Community
  • New additions to UIN
  • Progress in FRIB Isotope Harvesting
  • Accelerating Medical Isotopes FOA
  • Upcoming DOE/NIH Workshop

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