December Issue of JNMT Now Available

December 3, 2014

The December issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology is now available online.



Evaluation of Available In Vitro 99mTc-RBC Labeling Techniques: A Canadian Perspective

Eiko Toda and Mihaela Ginj


Continuing Education

The Medical Isotope Crisis: How We Got Here and Where We Are Going

Thomas J. Ruth

Hepatobiliary Scintigraphy in 2014

Harvey A. Ziessman



Administration of Subcutaneous Buffered Lidocaine Prior to Breast Lymphoscintigraphy Reduces Pain Without Decreasing Lymph Node Visualization

Andrew S. Hawkins, Don C. Yoo, Jonathan S. Movson, Richard B. Noto, Kelly Powers, and Grayson L. Baird

A Gelatin Liver Phantom of Suspended 90Y Resin Microspheres to Simulate the Physiologic Microsphere Biodistribution of a Postradioembolization Liver

Yung Hsiang Kao, Oliver S. Luddington, Simone R. Culleton, Roslyn J. Francis, and Jan A. Boucek

Comparison of a Free-Breathing CT and an Expiratory Breath-Hold CT with Regard to Spatial Alignment of Amplitude-Based Respiratory-Gated PET and CT Images

Charlotte S. van der Vos, Willem Grootjans, Antoi P.W. Meeuwis, Cornelis H. Slump, Wim J.G. Oyen, Lioe-Fee F. de Geus-Oei, and Eric P. Visser

Clinical Intervention for Quality Improvement of Gastric-Emptying Studies

Dacian V. Bonta, David C. Brandon, Jeranfel Hernandez, Minesh Patel, Sandra Grant, and Naomi Alazraki



Limulus Amebocyte Lysate Testing: Adapting It for Determination of Bacterial Endotoxin in 99mTc-Labeled Radiopharmaceuticals at a Hospital Radiopharmacy

Arpit Mitra, Sangeeta Joshi, Chanda Arjun, Savita Kulkarni, and Ramakrishna Rajan

Particle-Size and Radiochemical Purity Evaluations of Filtered 99mTc-Sulfur Colloid Prepared with Different Heating Times

Maggie M. Michenfelder, Lucas J. Bartlett, Douglas W. Mahoney, Thomas J. Herold, and Joseph C. Hung

Absorbed Radiation Doses to Staff After Implementation of a Radiopharmacy Clean Room

James A. Ponto


Practice Management

Radioactivity Decontamination of Materials Commonly Used as Surfaces in General-Purpose Radioisotope Laboratories

Natalia M. Leonardi, Fiorella C. Tesán, Marcela B. Zubillaga, and María J. Salgueiro


Teaching Case Studies

The Use of 99mTc-HYNIC-TOC and 18F-FDG PET/CT in the Evaluation of Duodenal Neuroendocrine Tumor with Atypical and Extensive Metastasis Responding Dramatically to a Single Fraction of PRRT with 177Lu-DOTATATE

Sandip Basu and Amit Abhyankar

99mTc-HMPAO–Labeled WBC Scan for the Diagnosis of Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis

Tyler A. Dailey, Michael D. Berven, and Penny J. Vroman

Understanding the Cause of an Unreadable Nuclear Medicine Image: A Case of Unexpected Results with 123I Whole-Body Scintigraphy

Justin Skweres, Zhiyun Yang, and Eduardo Gonzalez-Toledo

The Use of 99mTc-MDP Bone Scanning to Assess Facial Bone Growth

Christopher Chauvin, Zaid Al-faham, and Ching-Yee Oliver Wong

18F-FDG PET Assessment of Lewy Body Dementia with Cerebellar Diaschisis

Zaid Al-faham, Rami K. Zein, and Ching-yee Oliver Wong


Special Contributions

The SNMMI Procedure Standard/EANM Practice Guideline for Gastrointestinal Bleeding Scintigraphy 2.0

Hung Q. Dam, David C. Brandon, Vesper V. Grantham, Andrew J. Hilson, Douglas M. Howarth, Alan H. Maurer, Michael G. Stabin, Mark Tulchinsky, Harvey A. Ziessman, and Lionel S. Zuckier



The Importance of Infection and Contamination Control

Norman E. Bolus

SNMMI-TS Makes a Pledge Toward Quality

April Mann

International Corner


Intersocietal Accreditation Commission Report

Tamara A. Sloper