2019 Saul Hertz, MD Award Winner: Richard Baum, MD

The Saul Hertz, MD Award is a lifetime achievement award, recognizing individuals who have made outstanding contributions to radionuclide therapy.  

In 2019, the award was presented to Richard Baum, MD.  Dr. Baum is Chairman and Clinical Director, THERANOSTICS Center for Molecular Radiotherapy and Molecular Radiotherapy and Precision Oncology, ENETS Center of Excellence and Professor of Nuclear Medicine, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Dr. Baum is truly committed to theranostics and has been a trailblazer in the modern era of paired diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides. He truly embodies the full spectrum of theranostics, having led highly impactful projects in diagnostic imaging, quantitative dosimetry, image-guided treatment planning, adaptive therapy and , of course novel therapeutics. 

Dr. Baum has had a long and productive academic career, with nearly 600 publications and an H-index nearing 60. As a testament to his energy he has delivered over one thousand lectures nearly all dedicated to RPT. In addition to being an ambassador to the world of RPT, having most prominently taken a leadership role in the World Association of Radionuclide and Molecular Therapy (WARMTH), he has made major intellectual contributions-most recently advocating for and demonstrating the utility of personalized dosimetry to guide RPT. He meets the many challenges of delivering RPT safely with characteristic fearlessness and equanimity.

Dr. Baum is also responsible for a number of important firsts, including the first radioimmunotherapy performed in Germany (1985), the first peptide receptor therapy in Germany (1997) and the first 177Lu-based PSMA radioligand therapy in the world (2013). Dr. Baum has shepherded what is considered the most important new area in nuclear medicine, namely, theranostics.















Dr. Baum, second from the left, receiving the 2019 Saul Hertz, MD Award