Michael J. Welch Post-Doctoral Travel Award

2024 Michael J. Welch Post-Doctoral Travel Award

The purpose of the Michael J. Welch post-doctoral travel award is to recognize an outstanding abstract by a young investigator in the area of radiochemistry.  The award will be given to the highest ranked abstract submitted by a young investigator in the MTP novel radiochemistry and chelation track. 

The award carries with it an award of $1,200.  This award is funded through an endowed gift given to the Education and Research Foundation for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (ERF) by the Dr. Michael J. Welch Foundation in memoriam of Professor Michael J. Welch, PhD, who passed away in 2012.

This year's award recipient is Yang Su, for their winning abstract titled, “Synthesis of a radiofluorinated chelator for Ac-225.” Congratulations!

Yang Sun, PhD


Past Recipients

2023 - Xuedan Wu, PhD
2022 – Jay Wright, PhD
2021 – Erik Jakobsson, PhD
2020 – Zhen Yang, PhD
2019 – Dawei Jiang, PhD
2018 – Anders Josefsson, PhD
2017 – Lingyi Sun, PhD
2016 – So-Jeong Lee, PhD
2015 – Zhibo Liu, PhD
2014 – Steven Liang, PhD