Previous Annual Meeting Sessions

2012 Annual Meeting Sessions

  • Dose Reduction in Pediatric Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiation Safety and Quality Control: "Imaging Effectively Through Uncertainty"
  • Managing Theoretical Radiation Exposure Risk in Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging
  • Radiation Dose Reduction in New SPECT/CT Systems
  • Optimal dose reduction with high-speed myocardial perfusion imaging: Simulation study.
  • Total radiation dose reduction in multiple session dynamic brain PET study using single CT scan.
  • The effect of Tc99m Sestamibi dose reduction on image quality and patient radiation exposure.
  • Dose reduction in newborns and infants undergoing hepatobiliary scintigraphy.

2011 Annual Meeting Sessions

  • Clinical Dose Calculation
  • Dose Reduction in Pediatric Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiation Exposure and Its Management in Cardiac Imaging
  • Reducing Patient Exposure While Improving Diagnostic Testing
  • Radiation Safety and Radiopharmacy, Parts I and II
  • Radiation Safety and Radiopharmacy - Part I (SNMMI-TS)