Bylaws & Procedures

SNMMI, Inc.  Bylaws and Procedures

The SNMMI, Inc. Bylaws govern the overall structure, organization and conduct of the Society. Any amendments to the Bylaws must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting at a meeting of the SNMMI House of Delegates.

SNMMI, Inc. Bylaws (Approved June 2012)

Important - Notification of Proposed SNMMI Bylaws Change

SNMMI is proposing changes to the current version of the society’s bylaws. The proposed amendments represent mostly housekeeping changes that have accrued since the last amendments in 2012. There are also 2 small, substantive amendments. All changes are printed in the October issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine. The proposed changes will be voted on during the SNMMI House of Delegates meeting on January 24, 2015 in San Antonio, TX. View changes in JNM online.

Similiarly the SNMMI, Inc. Procedures provide a more detailed description of how various entites within the Society are organized or should be managed. Any changes to the Procedures must be approved by the SNMMI Board of Directors.

SNMMI Procedures (Approved June 2012)

SNMMI-TS Bylaws and Procedures

The SNMMI-TS is an organizational component of the Society specifically addressing nuclear medicine technologists's issues and interests. The Technologist Section adheres to the SNMMI, Inc. Bylaws and policies, while operating undert its own Operating Procedures andn budget process, as approved by the SNMMI Board of Directors.

Amendments to the SNMMI-TS Bylaws must be approved by the SNMMI-TS membership.

SNMMI-TS Bylaws (Approved June 2012)

Changes to the SNMMI-TS Procedures must be approved by the SNMMI-TS Executive Board.

SNMMI-TS Procedures (Approved June 2012)