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Highlights include:

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  • Includes the Plenary Sessions and Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD Highlights Symposium
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The SNMMI 2016 Virtual Meeting features the following sessions:

11 Special Sessions
CE11: SNMMI History Session: Radionuclide Therapy
CE18: Kuhl-Lassen Award Lecture
CE22: Read with the Experts: Molecular Brain Imaging of Dementia
CE41: Michael J. Welch Award and Lecture
CE56: Saul Hertz Award
CE62: Peter E. Valk, MD, Memorial Lectureship and Award
CE83: Loevinger-Berman Award
PL1: Henry N. Wagner, Jr. MD Lectureship and Formal Opening
PL2: Technologist Plenary Session and Awards Recognition
PL3: Cassen Lectureship and SNMMI Business Meeting
PL4: Henry N. Wagner, Jr. MD Highlights Symposium

17 Scientific Sessions

CE24: Radiopharmaceutical Sciences/Molecular Imaging/CMIIT Basic
Science Summary Session
CE43: Instrumentation and Data Analysis Basic Science Summary Session
SS01: RPSC Young Investigator Award Symposium
SS02: INTEGRATED SESSION: Translational Molecular Imaging in Heart
SS03: Brain Imaging Council Young Investigator Award Symposium
SS05: Nuclear Oncology Young Investigator Award Symposium
SS09: CMITT Young Investigator Award Symposium
SS10: Cardiovasular Young Investigator Award Symposium
SS14: Computer & Instrumentation Council Young Investigator Award
SS17: INTEGRATED SESSION: New Radiochemistry & New Imaging Targets
SS19: INTEGRATED SESSION: Novel Tracers and Multimodal Assessement of
Alzheimer’s Disease
SS31: INTEGRATED SESSION: Nuclear Thyroidology
SS67: Tau Imaging & Amyloid Imaging I
SS68: Prostate/GU: Non-PSMA Prostate Imaging Agents
SS75: Tau Imaging & Amyloid Imaging II
SS76: Prostate/GU: Prostate and Other Malignancies

15 Tech CE Sessions

TS03: PET/CT from the Technologist’s Perspective
TS04: Therapy/Oncology
TS05: Radiopharmacy/New Tracers
TS08: Theranostics
TS09: Neurologic Imaging and Considerations I
TS11: Neurologic Imaging and Considerations II
TS19: A New Filter on Pediatric Medicine
TS20: Quality and Safety
TS23: CT Interpretation for the Technologist and Mid-Level Provider
TS24: PET/CT, PET/MRI and CT Licensure
TS26: PET/CT Agents Beyond FDG: Technical Aspects, Indications, and
Image Optimization
TS27: Imaging with Gallium-Labeled Somatostatin Receptors: From A to Z
TS28: Therapy/Oncology, II
TS29: The Role of PET in the Assessment and Management of Coronary
Artery Disease
TS30: Radioactive Readings and Riding the DOT Safety Bus

58 CE Sessions

CE01: Brain Imaging Primer: Theories for Simpler Practice
CE02: Response Assessment for Lymphoma
CE04: Advances in Nuclear Cardiology
CE05: Multimodality Imaging of Common and Uncommon Hepatic Lesions
CE06: Next-Generation Radiotracers for Cancer Imaging
CE08: Read with the Experts in Nuclear Cardiology

58 CE Sessions (continued)

CE09: [F-18]FDG PET-CT in Lung Cancer
CE10: Gastrointestinal Bleeding Scintigraphy: Changing the Paradigm
CE12: Practical Clinical Internal Dosimetry: OLINDA/EXM and the RADAR
CE13: Frontiers in Nuclear Medicine Motion Management
CE15: Read with the Experts in Pediatrics
CE16: An Overview of Imaging-Based Response Assessment
CE19: SPECT/CT Quantitation: Now That We Have It, What Do We Do
With It?
CE20: Theranostic Nanoparticles
CE23: Radium-223 Dichloride Therapy: What We Have Learned Since
CE25: Detection and Assessment of Cardiac Sarcoidosis by FDG-PET
CE26: Gastrointestinal Transit Scintigraphy
CE29: Read with the Experts: Dopamine Transporter Imaging
CE30: Radionuclide Therapy in Children and Young Adults
CE32: Cardiac SPECT Instrumentation: An Overview and New Advances
CE34: Time-of-Flight PET Imaging: Physics and Clinical Impact
CE36: Imaging for Pulomnary Embolism: A Current Status Report
CE37: Theranostics in Thyroid Cancer: The Impact of Tracer Imaging on
CE39: Advances in Cardiac Protocols
CE42: FDG-PET/CT Evaluation of Pediatric Malignancies
CE44: Role of Imaging in Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment: Signifi cance
in Lymphoma
CE45: PET Brain Imaging, Dementia, and PET/CT False Positives and Artifacts
CE46: Cardiovascular Imaging Boot Camp I
CE48: Bioorthogonal and Click Chemistry for Molecular Imaging/Therapy.
CE50: Contemporary Lung Scanning: SPECT, PET and CTPA
CE51: Recent Advances in Liver-Directed Radiotherapy
CE52: IDEAS and AMYPAD: Validating the Clinical Utility of Brain Amyloid PET
CE53: Cardiovascular Boot Camp II
CE55: Towards Enhanced Prognostic Utility of PET Imaging
CE58: Imaging and Therapy of Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) with Peptide
Receptor Theranostics: A Transformational Change
CE59: Advances in Imaging Neuroinfl ammation
CE60: Cardiac SPECT and PET Perfusion Imaging
CE61: Bone SPECT/CT Imaging in Orthopedics
CE63: Evaluation of Common Pediatric Genitourinary Disorders
CE65: PET/CT and Molecular Imaging in the Management of Malignant
CE66: Brain PET/MRI – Opportunities and Challenges
CE67: Imaging of Heart Failure
CE69: First-in-Human Imaging Tracers: Fluorescent Optical Tracers
CE70: From Molecule to Man: Translation of Tracers in Europe, United States
and China
CE72: PET Drug Manufacturing: Living in an FDA-Regulated World
CE73: Optimal Radioactive Iodine Therapy in Benign Thyroid Diseases
CE74: New Targets: Tracer and Techniques in Nuclear Cardiology
CE75: Cholescintigraphy for the Diagnosis of Acute and Chronic
Abdominal Pain
CE76: Current and Future Potential in Kinetic Modeling and Parametric
CE79: Imaging Prostate Cancer
CE81: Cardiovascular Infl ammation and Infection
CE86: Different Approaches to the Approval of Molecular Imaging Agents
CE88: Beyond Perfusion Imaging
CE91: Dementia Imaging Advances: From Structure to Function
CE94: Molecular Imaging of Inflammation and Infection

What is The SNMMI Virtual Meeting?

The SNMMI Virtual Meeting is an online product (with an optional USB) that includes 100 recorded sessions from the SNMMI Annual Meetings. Online access allows you to view presentations from the meeting, anytime, anywhere, through your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device.

When can I begin claiming credits through the 2016 SNMMI Virtual Meeting?

Credit claiming for the 2016 SNMMI Virtual Meeting will begin in July 2016.

How do the credits work if I attended the live meeting?

Credit claiming for the 2016 SNMMI Virtual Meeting begins in July. If you attended the live meeting, you may only claim credits in the Virtual Meeting for those sessions that you did not attend at the live meeting.

How many credits can I earn for watching the Virtual Meeting online?

Approximately 50 of the sessions will offer CE credit for a total of approximately 75 credits. Final credits will be determined in July 2016.  You will be able to claim credit through July 2018.

Which sessions will have CE Credit through the Virtual Meeting?

Credit will be provided for select CE Sessions and Technologist Section CE Sessions.  The final list will be available in July.  There will not be CE Credit in the Virtual Meeting for Plenary Sessions, Award Sessions or Scientific Sessions. 

Why can't I see anything about CME, ACPE and VOICE on my mobile device or USB?

You can claim credits using your computer or Apple or Android tablet, but not from the USB or mobile phone. Presentations can be viewed on the USB and mobile phone as well, but credit can only be claimed using a computer or supported tablet.

Where can I find CME, ACPE and VOICE information and faculty disclosures?

You can view CME, ACPE and VOICE information and disclosures once you select a presentation, and the viewing page is open. There will be information below the player, and also tabs on the right hand side to find additional information and disclosures.

Where can I get my CE certificate?

Your certificate will be accessible via the SNMMI Learning Center where you will complete your evaluations and be able to print your certificate.

How do I pass the assessment after viewing the session presentations?

You are required to pass the assessment with a score of at least 80% to earn credit. You have three attempts to pass the assessment.

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*USB Drive - add an additional $80

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