PET PROS - Referring/Interpreting Physician Resources



Practice Guidelines Summaries

The following summaries are intended to serve as an educational tool for referring physicians, as well as nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists. Practice guidelines are revised and updated periodically, and new guidelines are written. Readers are advised to check the websites of professional organizations as well as published literature for the most current information.


Letters of Medical Necessity Samples

These presentations may be used in whole or in part for educational purposes only. Individuals who incorporate this information into their own presentations should attribute the source on each slide, using the following language: "courtesy of (insert name and institution) through the PET PROS program of the SNMMI PET Center of Excellence".

Disease Specific Templates:


Imaging Atlas

The PET Center of Excellence Board of Directors recommends the following dynamic imaging atlas links:


Response Criteria

The Response Criteria page includes response criteria articles, including the following:

  • RECIST (2009)
  • PERCIST (2009)
  • Harmonization Project I & II (2007)
  • EORTC (1999)

PET and PET/CT Procedure & Practice Guidelines

PET and PET/CT Procedure and Practice Guidelines for Oncology, Brain and Cardiac:


Off-the-Wall Guides

The Off the wall guides are useful charts, tables, and/or diagrams for physicians to use as references in their PET/CT reading areas:


NCCN Clinical Oncology Guidelines