Southeastern Chapter

The Southeastern Chapter of SNMMI, Inc. has over 2,900 active members. Of the active Southeastern Chapter membership, over 1,000 individuals also belong to the Chapter's Technologist Section. The Chapter hosts a number of grassroots activities throughout the year, including:

  • Continuing education and research activities, including an Annual Meeting
  • A professional networking forum for members
  • A mechanism for encouraging and enhancing professional leadership
  • Monitoring and addressing of nuclear medicine professional issues at the local level

Geographical Area
: Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Southern Ohio (South of Dayton)

Contact Information  

Phone 630-428-3255
Fax 630-428-7700

Southeastern Chapter - SNMMI
1240 Iroquois Avenue, Ste. 106

Naperville, IL  60563

Upcoming Meetings

2020 Southeastern Chapter Meeting
October 9-11, 2020
Knoxville, TN

Chapter/National Dues

For your convenience, Chapter dues are billed in conjunction with your National member dues, payment of which is mandatory and will confer membership privileges and benefits at each level of membership. A table of the Chapter membership dues that are billed in conjunction with your national dues appears below.

Member Type Chapter Dues National Dues Total Dues
(Chapter + National)
Full $40 $485 $525
Resident-in-Transition Tier 1 $5 $82 $87
Resident-in-Transition Tier 2 $5 $167 $172
Resident-in-Transition Tier 3 $5 $335 $340
Associate $35 $345 $380
Associate Scientist-in-Transition Tier 1 $5 $59 $64
Associate Scientist-in-Transition Tier 2 $5 $119 $124
Associate Scientist-in-Transition Tier 3 $5 $238 $243
Associate Technologist $20 $125 $145
Technologist $20 $110 $130
Technologist-in-Transition $0 $55 $55
Associate Scientific Lab Professional $35 $179 $214
Scientific Lab Professional $20 $110 $130
Affiliate $35 $375 $410

SNMMI Southeastern Chapter

Jaime Luis Montilla-Soler, MD President
Bennett S. Greenspan, MD,FACNM,FACR,FSNMMI President-Elect
Chirayu Shah, MD Secretary
Olga G. James, MD Treasurer
William A. Fajman, MD, FACR Historian
Kenneth Gage, MD, PhD Board Member
Dustin Osborne, PhD Board Member
Ephraim E. Parent, MD, PhD Board Member
Thaddeus Wadas, PhD Board Member
Merle Hedland Chapter Administrator

SNMMI-TS Southeastern Chapter

Merle Hedland Chapter Administrator