Gambhir Symposium on Radiochemistry, Molecular Imaging and Theragnostics

March 11 – March 12, 2024

Li Ka Shing Center, Berg Hall
Stanford University


Join Stanford University in a celebration of a major milestone in Dr. Sanjiv Sam Gambhir’s vision for Stanford’s leading translational molecular imaging and theragnostics program. Championed by Sam and Aruna Gambhir, and leaders from Stanford Medicine and the Department of Radiology, completion of the expansion of Stanford’s Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Facility (CRF) is capped by a state-of-the-art GE Healthcare PETtrace cyclotron.

March 11, 2024
An afternoon gathering in honor of Sam and Aruna. There will be tributes and talks about some of their impactful imaging approaches while enjoying some of their personal interests, including gelato and rock music.

March 12, 2024
A symposium to explore new directions in the field of molecular imaging and theragnostics with a focus on research in the areas of neuroscience, immunology, oncology, and innovative technologies. This meeting of academic and industry scientists wi