2015 SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy

On behalf of the SNMMI-TS, we would like to congratulate the following individuals on being accepted into the academy:

  1. Balestrieri – student attendee
  2. Kristina Biederstedt, BS, CNMT
  3. Maryanne Clark, BS, CNMT, NCT
  4. Debra Hewing, CNMT, RT(N)
  5. Dawn Holley, CNMT
  6. Wayne Ice
  7. Edwin Keeler
  8. Taytum McCullough
  9. Kasey Nelson, MIS, NMAA, CNMT
  10. Paige Niles, CNMT
  11. Shane Presley – student attendee
  12. Angela Roberts – student attendee
  13. Daniel Tempesta
  14. Austin (James) Turner, MS, CNMT, PET, RT(MR)


The 2015 Leadership Academy was held January 21-23 in San Antonio, TX.

The academy was a two-day course with an assemblage of current SNMMI-TS Leadership, key members of the SNMMI-TS, and SNMMI Staff who have dedicated themselves to improving SNMMI-TS achievement in the Nuclear Medicine and related fields. Lectures were be complimented with team building exercises which enhanced networking opportunities. Each lecture considered a different aspect of leadership and were led by technologists or keynote speakers with an intimate knowledge of the subject. The overall goal was to assemble a group of SNMMI-TS Leaders who understand the crucial role of leadership development and who are eager to begin the path to SNMMI-TS Leadership and organizational success.