Can a nuclear medicine technologist do:

Hybrid imaging using CT for attenuation and localization?                         YES

Need to be certified in CT to do AT/localization?                                        NO

Diagnostic CT on hybrid, on a standalone or either?                                  
     A NMT must be separately certified.

What CT certification does the state recognize (ARRT and/or NMTCB)         ARRT

Mix isotopes with commercial kits to prepare radiopharmaceuticals?           
     A department would have to be USP 797 compliant to prepare
     radiopharmaceuticals there. The only in-department preparation that I know
     of locally is Tc-99m RBCs. Program graduates and certified techs know how to
     do this, but none of the area departments are set up to prepare
     radiopharmaceuticals.  All the departments receive their materials from
     commercial radiopharmacies.