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  • Review of Nuclear Medicine Technology, 5th edition


    Norman Bolus, MSPH, MPH, CNMT, FSNMMI-TS
    Krystle W. Glasgow, MIS, CNMT, NMTCB(CT), NMAA
    13-digit ISBN: 978-0932004-95-6

    This detailed overview of nuclear medicine technology covers patient care, instrumentation, radiopharmaceuticals, federal regulations, imaging of ten systems within the body, and radionuclide therapy—complemented by hundreds of self-evaluation questions and answers mirroring the structure of national certification examinations.

    Fifth edition highlights include updated information on:

    • Radiopharmaceuticals, regulations and procedures
    • Revamped chapters on CT and PET instrumentation
    • New primers on radiation physics, advanced nuclear cardiology, MR and PET/MR
    • General counting statistics and the advanced PET specialty exam
    • Introductions to pharmacology, health informatics and research methods

    Plus, expanded practice exams with additional answer possibilities let you assess what you've learned! 

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  • Procedure Standards Binder

    This manual-newly updated and in binder format-includes all current, standardized procedure standards for nuclear medicine procedures.

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  • Basic Science of Nuclear Medicine: The Bare Bone Essentials

    Through concise, straightforward explanations and supporting graphics that bring abstract concepts to life, the new Basic Science of Nuclear Medicine—the Bare Bone Essentials is an ideal tool for nuclear medicine technologist students and nuclear cardiology fellows looking for an introduction to the fundamentals of the physics and technologies of modern day nuclear medicine.  

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    View the Cover/Copyright/Table of Contents/Preface | View Sample Content 

    ISBN 978-0-932004-90-1

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  • PET/CT in Oncology-Part 2


    Kathy S. Thomas, MHA, CNMT, PET, FSNMMI-TS
    Mary Beth Farrell, MS, CNMT, NCT, FSNMMI-TS

    Nuclear medicine professionals performing PET/CT in oncology must have the most up-to-date scientific and technical information to produce and interpret high-quality data to support optimal patient care.

    PET/CT in Oncology, Part 2, provides information on 10 areas of care:

    • PET/CT—Basic Science, PET/MR—Basic Science
    • PET/CT Imaging in Thyroid and Adrenal Cancer
    • PET/CT Imaging in Lung Cancer
    • PET/CT Imaging in Gastric and Esophageal Cancers
    • PET/CT Imaging in Pancreatic and Liver Cancer
    • PET/CT Imaging in Malignant Melanomas
    • PET/CT Imaging in Lymphoma
    • PET/CT Imaging and Radiotherapy
    • Future PET Applications in PET Oncology.

    As with previous books in the Quality and Safety Series, content follows a standard format, including incidence, etiology, epidemiology, histopathology, conventional diagnostic procedures, imaging, technical recommendations, and references/suggested readings.

    152 pages | ISBN: 978-0-932004-41-3 | Release date: March 2022

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  • MIRD Primer 2022

    Absorbed dose and related quantities are the key predictors of the beneficial (therapeutic) effects of radiation and of the risk and/or severity of its adverse effects. The estimation of such dosimetric parameters is challenging, however, particularly for radiopharmaceuticals. Richly illustrated and thoroughly referenced, the MIRD Primer 2022 is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art guide to radiopharmaceutical dosimetry that reflects the dramatic evolution of the field of nuclear medicine, including molecular imaging and, increasingly, radiopharmaceutical therapy.

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  • A Clinicians Guide to Nuclear Oncology

    Naomi P. Alazraki, MD; Mark J. Shumate, MD, MPH; Daivd A. Kooby, MD

    A Clinician's Guide to Nuclear Oncology is a must-have reference book for internists, family and general practitioners that is essential for diagnosing, staging and treating cancer patients and patients suspected of having cancer. An easy-to-use tool that will allow you to quickly find information related to your patient!

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  • Society of Nuclear Medicine 1954-2004 50 Years of Excellence

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  • Multimodality Molecular Imaging of the Cardiovascular..05/10

    The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 51;suppl 1 (May 2010)
    Guest editor: Albert J. Sinusas, MD

    Multimodality Molecular Imaging of the Cardiovascular System, a supplement to the top-rated Journal of Nuclear Medicine, presents the state of the art of cardiovascular molecular imaging and provides discussion of the opportunities and challenges in advancing cardiovascular molecular imaging to clinical practice.

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  • The Highlights Lectures, 1981-2009

    A simple collection of the summaries of the Wagner highlights lectures published in the SNM Newsline newsletter and The Journal of Nuclear Medicine. A preface written by Frederic H. Fahey as SNMMI Historian describes the process by which the book was conceived and assembled; a foreword by S. James Adelstein provided his view of the importance of these lectures and Dr. Wagner's unique view of the field of nuclear medicine.

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  • Myocardial Perfusion Imaging 2016: Quality, Safety, and Dose

    Myocardial Perfusion Imaging 2016: Quality, Safety, and Dose Optimization offers comprehensive coverage of myocardial perfusion imaging, with particular focus on ways to improve quality, increase safety, and reduce radiation burden. Written by experienced nuclear medicine technologists and physicians, this is an easy-to-use reference that will give new insights to even the most tenured technologists.


    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview
    Chapter 2. Patient Preparation and Education
    Chapter 3. Stress Testing
    Chapter 4. Radiopharmaceuticals
    Chapter 5. Quality Control
    Chapter 6. Imaging Protocols
    Chapter 7. Acquisition
    Chapter 8. Processing
    Chapter 9. Artifacts
    Chapter 10. Basic Interpretation
    Chapter 11. Future of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

    Myocardial Perfusion Imaging 2016 is also available here: 

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