Guide for Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine & Radiopharm. Therapy

Jeffry A. Siegel, PhD

With the recently revised, risk-informed and performance-based requirements of 10 CFR Part 35, the “Guide for Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmaceutical Therapy” is a must-have resource for practitioners in nuclear medicine.

This all-inclusive guide offers a survey of NRC regulations and radiation protection policies applicable to diagnosis and therapy. It also offers step-by-step measures to help practitioners ensure compliance when developing their own therapy procedures.

The Joint Government Relations Committee of the American College of Nuclear Physicians and the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging recognized that practitioners across the spectrum of diagnosis and radiopharmaceutical therapy would value professional guidance in meeting the new outcomes requirements. This book is intended to serve as a useful bridge between the new regulations and practitioners who want to ensure continued compliance and maintain the security and safety of licensed materials in clinical and research settings. Working closely with representatives from the NRC, Jeffry Siegel and the committee developed a complete “walk-through” of the regulations, focusing on the radiation protection programs and implementation procedures necessary for compliance. Siegel has also attempted to point out procedures that may not be necessary or that may be necessary to establish the documented radiation safety track record necessary to petition the NRC for removal of certain requirements. “At a Glance” boxes throughout the book summarize the most important regulatory issues and pertinent regulations.


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Guide fo Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine

  1. Introduction
  2. The Practice of Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
  3. History and Organization of Regulation of Nuclear Medicine
  4. Overview of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations Applicable to Medical Use Licensees
  5. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Agreement States
  6. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Licenses for Medical Use
  7. Revised Part 35 Requirements Applicable to Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
  8. Training and Experience Requirements for Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
  9. Radiation Protection Program
  10. License Application
  11. License Admendments and/or Renewals

Guide for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy

  1. Introduction
  2. The Practice of Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
  3. Revised Part 35 Requirements Applicable to Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Procedures
  4. Training and Experience Requirements for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Procedures
  5. Radiation Protection Program
  6. License Application