Technologists Answer Questions about COVID-19

May 5, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has forced nuclear medicine departments to cancel appointments, change procedures and protocols and adapt rapidly to significant changes. Nuclear medicine technologists are often on the front lines, working and communicating directly with their patients. To provide guidance to the community, SNMMI-TS interviewed eight nuclear medicine technologists from around the country. The resulting article was published ahead of print on May 1 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Thirteen questions were posed to the group, addressing key issues such as:

  • How should staffing protocols and schedules be revised?
  • What measures should technologists take to stay safe?
  • What should technologists do in the face of furloughs, layoffs, reassignment, reductions in hours, or other mandated changes in status?
  • What procedures are essential?
  • How can technologists prepare their department so they are ready to go once the crisis passes?

The nine interviewees work at institutions across the United States, including California, Missouri, Illinois, New York and Virginia.

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