SNMMI Leads Third Targeted Radionuclide Therapy (TRT) Conference

December 19, 2019

SNMMI and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) held the Third Targeted Radionuclide Therapy Conference 2019 on December 16. Invited attendees representing the major stakeholders in theranostics, including the FDA, NCI, academicians, clinical physicians, and pharmaceutical company executives, reconvened at the National Cancer Institute in Shady Grove, Maryland, for a full day of in-depth discussions on maximizing dose to tumor while sparing normal tissue, the current state of the science, state-of-the-art clinical trial design, and strategies for achieving response.

This year’s conference included a global representation of 33 speakers from three different continents, representing government agencies, academia, and industry. The theme of the day focused four comprehensive sessions around the central topic of “What is the Goal of Radionuclide Therapies: Palliative, Curative, or Adjuvant Treatment?” SNMMI looks forward to once again publishing a meeting summary for public access in the coming months. 

SNMMI would like to recognize the co-chairs of this year’s event from both SNMMI and the NCI, including Daniel Lee, MD (Therapy Center of Excellence), John Sunderland, PhD (Clinical Trials Network), Jon McConathy, MD, PhD (Clinical Trials Network), Janet Eary, MD (Associate Director CIP, NCI), Lalitha Shankar, MD, PhD (NCI), and Michael McDonald, MD, PhD (NCI). We would also like to acknowledge our 2019 conference sponsors: Progenics – title sponsor, Actinium Pharmaceuticals, AAA, A Novartis Company, Blue Earth Diagnostics, Hermes Medical Solutions, and Lucerno Dynamics. Thank you all for making this conference possible as SNMMI continues to advance the development and utilization of radionuclide therapy.

View presentations from the conference.