SNMMI Addresses Mo-99 Isotope Shortage

November 19, 2018

On Friday, November 16, SNMMI joined patient groups, health care providers, medical imaging companies, radiopharmaceutical manufacturers, and distributors in a letter to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Office of Management and Budget in regards to molybdenum-99 shortages. As previously reported, shortages have occurred due to the unplanned shutdown of the HFR and OPAL reactors. Despite Congress passing the American Medical Isotope Production Act of 2012 (AMIPA), a sufficient domestic supply has not yet been established. Without a sufficient domestic supply, patient access to important nuclear medicine procedures becomes severely compromised. 

SNMMI believes these shortages are preventable if the United States invests the resources necessary to establish a sufficient and secure domestic Mo-99 supply as soon as possible. We ask that the Department of Energy and the Office of Management and Budget work together to ensure that the Mo-99 program at the National Nuclear Security Administration receives adequate funding for Fiscal Year 2020 in order to increase support of domestic projects to ensure that such outages no longer impact patient care in the United States.

SNMMI has previously addressed the Mo-99 shortage (read more here) and has now provided an updated position statement on the issue. You can stay up to date on all radiopharmaceutical supply news here.