The Journal of Nuclear Medicine Adds Immediate Open Access Option

May 21, 2018

The Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) now provides an Immediate Open Access (IOA) publication option to accommodate authors who need to comply with specific funding mandates. This differs from regularly submitted articles, which are made freely available on the JNM website after an embargo period of six months from the time of final publication, with no additional cost. 

Please refer to the policy of your funding agency to determine if IOA is required.

Authors who request IOA publication pay an article publication charge of USD $3,000 at the time of final acceptance of their submission.* They can withdraw an article after acceptance, but without a refund.

IOA provides the following benefits:

  • When ready for publication, the final accepted, peer-reviewed, pre-copyedited work will be made freely available on the JNMwebsite in the Ahead-of-Print section.
  • Upon final publication, the Ahead-of-Print version will be replaced by the final, copyedited published article, which will remain freely available on the JNM.
  • The final, copyedited published version will be automatically deposited with PubMed Central immediately following final publication.
  • All versions are published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY), which allows users to share and adapt the authors’ work provided appropriate credit is given. See permissions page for details.

Works that are submitted under the IOA policy are treated the same as those submitted under the traditional submission model: There are no differences in the peer review, editorial, and production processes.

For more information, visit the JNM Instructions for Authors webpage.

*NOTE: The publication fees for all other spontaneously submitted articles to JNM are $450 for original manuscripts and $300 for brief communications (link to submission facts).