F-18-fluciclovine PET/CT better targets radiotherapy for recurrent prostate cancer

March 8, 2017

CT, MR and nuclear medicine bone scans are conventionally used to guide and monitor targeted treatment for recurrent prostate cancer, but researchers at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University may have found a better alternative.

Preliminary results in a three-year study that found fluorine-18-fluciclovine PET/CT can improve radiotherapy targeting were published in the March issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

“F-18-fluciclovine PET/CT will have in an increasing role for treatment planning in radiotherapy, and study is ongoing to further define its utility in guiding and planning radiotherapy in the post-surgery recurrent prostate cancer setting,” Dr. Ashesh Jani, professor of radiation oncology at the institute and Dr. David M. Schuster, associate professor of radiology and imaging services, told HCB News via e-mail.

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