Sally W. Schwarz Award for Outstanding Contribution in Radiopharmacy

The Sally W. Schwarz Award was created as a means of recognizing individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of radiopharmacy. This contribution can be in the form of radiopharmaceutical development, production and/or translation of radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, and/or significant contributions to the regulatory oversight of radiopharmaceutical supply and administration, and/or in the mentoring and education of the next generation of radiopharmacists. The Sally W. Schwarz Award carries with it an award of $1,000 supported by the Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Council.


A successful candidate will be chosen based on excellence or achievement in one or more of the following criteria:

  • Outstanding achievement in pharmacy applied to radiopharmaceutical sciences in support of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging;
  • Significant contribution to the development and translation of new radiopharmaceuticals to the clinic;
  • Contributions to the development of radiopharmaceutical regulations, guidances, and/or quality control measures;
  • Significant impact on the success of a radiopharmaceutical production site;
  • Excellence in training and mentorship of the next generation of radiopharmacists ;
  • Significant contributions on SNMMI-based projects related to radiopharmacy.


  • The nominee must be a member of the RPSC in good standing
  • The nominee must be a radiopharmacist or be qualified in radiopharmacy (including radiopharmaceutical technicians).
  • The nominator is responsible for providing the following materials:
  • Cover letter from the nominator highlighting the nominee’s excellence or achievement in one or more of the criteria outlined in the award description*;
  • Two supporting letters in addition to the nomination letter;
  • Current CV of the nominee;
  • Photo of the nominee.

*Applicants not selected will have their applications rolled over for up to three years.

 2024 Sally W. Schwarz Award Recipient

Stephen Dragotakes, BS, RPh, BCNP, FAPhA

Past Recipients

2023 - James Ponto, MS, RPh, BCNP
2022 - 
Neil A. Petry, MS, RPh, BCNP, FAPhA