Chapter Charter Application Process

Chapters will be eligible for chartering and re-chartering at three to five year intervals or sooner, if in the judgement of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (Society), a review is necessary.  Chartering will be by the Society’s Board of Directors (Board) and will constitute a review of the following materials submitted by the chapter applicant:

  • Chapter Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation (the Society will assess whether or not the documents are substantially similar to the mission and goals of the Society).
  • Certification by the officers that the Chapter holds and will maintain a general liability insurance policy for the life of the charter
  • A copy of the Chapter’s current IRS designation letter.
  • A copy of the Chapter’s most recent audited or reviewed financial statements.  If the Chapter’s financial statements are not audited or reviewed, a copy of the most recent internally prepared financial statements can be provided.  The internally prepared statements should consist of a statement of financial position (balance sheet) and a statement of activities and changes in net assets (income statement).  
  • A list of officers, board members and key staff, including key staff from any management company engaged to provide services to the chapter.
  • A signed representation indicating whether there are any unasserted claims or assessments against the Chapter.
  • A signed representation indicating that the Chapter has not violated or possibly violated any laws or regulations.
  • A signed representation indicating that there is no knowledge of fraud or suspected fraud affecting the Chapter.

All chapter charter applications will be processed within ninety days by the Society and the applicant chapter notified in writing of the Society’s decision.

Chapter Chartering Supporting Documents