Radionuclide Theranostics for the Management of Cancer

July 17 – July 22, 2022 EST
Newry, Maine
Newry, ME
Event Details:

This meeting will discuss the latest developments and impact of Radionuclide Theranostics in management of patients with cancer. The meeting will promote formal and informal interactions and collaborations between an expert group of speakers including, scientists, physicians and discussants across basic and clinical translational science from academia, private practice and industry.

The scientific goal of this meeting will be to address the challenges of radionuclide theranostics and encourage significant new science in the field of cancer. The unique attributes of the GRC (small, secluded, unpublished data, abundant time for discussion) format provide an opportunity for formal and informal interactions and collaborations that are likely to have significant and sustained impact on the field.

This meeting comes at a pivotal time when precision oncology using radionuclide-based imaging and therapy is at a tipping point of innovation and undergoing a fundamental transformation and unprecedented growth to offer more accurate diagnostics and personalized and effective antitumoral therapies than ever before. This is evidenced by growing involvement of large pharmaceutical companies and over 50 new entrants in the field of radiotheranostics and by the rapidly growing number of clinical trials using beta, alpha or gamma emitting radionuclides in cancer.

The conference brings together cancer biologists, radiation physicists, receptor pharmacologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and industry representatives with the following aims:

  1. Identify new molecular targets and targeting vectors for specific malignancies;
  2. Explore development of novel radionuclides and molecularly targeted radiopharmaceuticals;
  3. Optimize therapeutic benefits based on an understanding of radionuclide risks to normal tissues.